Evolve's PS4/Xbox One Resolution & FPS Not Finalized Yet,Dev Explains Why It's Not Coming To PS3/360

The new consoles allows the development team to achieve their original vision.

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fluffydelusions1246d ago

My guess:
PS4 - 1080p
XB1 - 900p

XiSasukeUchiha1246d ago

My guess:
XB1: 1080P
PS4: 1080P

Scarfy1246d ago

PS4 - 1080p
XB1 - 1079p


bradfh1246d ago

both ps4 and xb1: 1080p 60fps

Ghost_of_Tsushima1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

I just hope it's 60fps. The higher the resolution the better also.

Isn't the PS4 gameplay on Gamersyde 60fps?

MegaRay1246d ago

PS4 1080 @ 60
XB1 721 @ 60

user74029311246d ago

my guess

ps4 1080p 60 fps

xbox one 900p upscaled to 1080p 45-60fps

sungin1246d ago

ps4-900p 30fps
xbox one 720p 30fps

SaveFerris1246d ago

PS4 900p 60fps
XBOX ONE 792p 60fps

Salooh1246d ago

I support any developer with that thinking. They gave me a feeling of when last gen started where everything looks jaw dropping . :)

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The story is too old to be commented.