Xbox Honcho on Why Phantom Dust is Coming Back on Xbox One and Conker will Appear in Project Spark

Phantom Dust isn’t a well known game. It didn’t even have much commercial success when it was released, and the announcement of the remake surprised many at E3. Phil Spencer explained the reason behind the remake, also mentioning why Conker was put in Project Spark.

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XiSasukeUchiha1335d ago

Ok, both of them as full-fledged title would of been awesome!

Freedomland1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

Phantom Dust is a master piece, best strategical arena fighting game. I have fond memories beating twin sisters.

AngelicIceDiamond1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

PD was on OG Xbox.

The best way to describe PD is Magic The Gathering had a baby with Unreal Tournament. Its an action strategy fighting game with card decks.

And its my favorite game of all time.

The game was way ahead of its time.

USA0071335d ago

Phantom dust is the only reason I still have the original xbox, still friends come over and play it

ma1asiah1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

I am with you on this one AngelicIceDiamond Phantom Dust is an amazing game.

I have been educating people about what Phantom Dust is, at every opportunity I get.

Really keen to hear who Ken Lobb and co have chosen to develop this game.

Really keen to know is it going to be a fully fledged triple A title like it deserves OR are they going to go the Killer Instinct route and release it bit by bit, and as a digital only release.

Seriously hope they find a way to trim back the tutorial missions at the beginning of the game. So that (a) players can start to get to grips with deck building.....and (b) players can get into the games story a lot faster.

The first game had an amazing amount of enviromental destruction for its time and given the fact that it was running on the original Xbox - so seriously hope that this is still a big part of the updated experience.

A robust online component is essential for team battles ahhhhh man I am so pumped for Phantom Dusts return it is not funny.

Ohhhhh one last thing I seriously hope they get rid of speech bubbles and have all characters voiced.

amazinglover1335d ago

PD was a lot of fun MS seems to be willing to fund sequels for games that were not very successful as of late so how about they fund a Vanquish sequel with platinum games.

AngelicIceDiamond1335d ago

@Ma1asiah "A robust online component is essential for team battles ahhhhh man I am so pumped for Phantom Dusts return it is not funny."

Instead of 2 v 2 it 4 v 4 it NEEDS to happen.

ma1asiah1335d ago


"Instead of 2 v 2 it 4 v 4 it NEEDS to happen"

YES YES YES really couldn't agree more. Man that would be so friggen epic

Question to Phantom Dust fans

We all know that the lady in the CGI announcement trailer was Freia minus her signature shades, BUT anyone know who the other guy was????

One criticism I have and it is a minor one, and that is I really liked the original cyber punk/Anime look really hope they don't ditch this for a more western look. The game was very stylised and would prefer it remain that way.

AngelicIceDiamond1335d ago

@ma1asiah I believe the guy could be Edgar. If I remember correctly he was the the one who THOUGHT he recreated the world and people.

I could be wrong though but that's the only thing that comes in mind.

Odoylerules0001335d ago

Whoa, PD on the original xbox! That's very nostalgic. I can't wait to see a current gen build for it.

ma1asiah1335d ago

@AngelicIceDiamond at first I thought it was Edgar too, however Ken Lobb confirmed that the woman was definitely Freia...BUT said they were not ready to talk about the guy at this stage...which has me wondering (a) is he even a returning character OR (b) are they doing a KI (with Sadira) and inroducing a whole new character for the reboot. If this is the case then does this also mean that the story of old could be getting some bigger changes then first imagined

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maniacmayhem1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

I thought the idea of having people make their own game using Conker was excellent.

MS should consider adding more of their IP's to Project Spark and see what the community can do with them. I can only imagine some of the creative ways they might use the IP that MS never even thought about it.

With that said I do hope for an official Conker game some time in the future.

I am curious to see what Phantom Dust will be like. I never played the original but I looked online and the game looked very interesting and fun. I'm glad MS brought back the original creator to work on this.

Metallox1335d ago

I'm sorry but there's nothing like a making an actual game with it's own personality and game mechanics. No matter how good are Project Spark's options, we could never make a real Conker game in it.

And Microsoft was basically telling us: "sorry guys, but we prefer out bloody AAA over your kiddy 3D platform games". And come on, it's Microsoft, they could easily sign someone to make an actual good game.

maniacmayhem1335d ago

How can you say that? You mean someone out there doesn't have the skill or personality to make a better Conker game or something completely different using Conker?

MS can still make a Conker game and it seems they plan too. But what they are doing is giving fans a chance to make their own Conker game if they want to. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Eldyraen1335d ago

Level linking will change the way a lot of the biggest games in Project Spark work as you won't be quite so confined by size restraints. You can already have a decent sized world as it is now but if you want varied environments/biomes and a more organic environment/progression than it really became an issue.

Once multiplayer starts you can also begin to see Teams start to work on projects together (most games with mods end up with a few likeminded individuals going all out for at some point) which will make collaborated work easier (as it is now you have to remix back and forth over and over which is time consuming and very "meh") so besides a lot of individually made games we can see some pros/hobbiests/casuals try to think bigger now and again.

Conker and other games on spark may be "less" than they would be if they used a more sophisticated engine with custom coding/assets/etc but you can still create fully fledged games using PS and it will only get better (looking forward to level linking myself).

SideNote1335d ago

I could see Project Spark being a real gem if they keep releasing characters into it. Imagine others like Sonic, Master Chief,Banjo, Spyro, and so many more to build for.

mrpsychoticstalker1335d ago

Phantom Dust.

Beautiful game.

jnemesh1335d ago

Phantom Dust could be the best game ever...but it's not going to sell Xbox consoles...and by the time it's released (most likely 2016), people won't even care about it.

Yes, it looks pretty...but without GAMEPLAY video, how are we to judge how well it will ACTUALLY look and play?

Overhyped games that wont come out for over a year shouldnt even be mentioned this year at E3!

gamerfan09091335d ago

Phantom Dust isn't some new IP. If you want to know what the gameplay is going to look like go look at the old gameplay vids from the original Xbox. Although, I have a strange suspicion that you're just trolling the article.

jnemesh1335d ago

I'm not saying it won't have it's fans...its obvious that there is a small diehard contingent of them that loved the original Xbox game...but I am saying that this title won't move hardware.

AngelicIceDiamond1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

I poured in a massive 300hrs in the game.

So I'm credible to say that what you are saying is wrong.

It had a small, but a die hard, hard hardcore cult fanbase that I was gladly apart of.

As for selling Xbox's probably not considering it could be DL only. But guaranteed it will get allot of new followers of the game.

Maybe you should educate yourself on this one of a kind game before making that comment.

@Gamefan It actually got resurrected as a new Ip. When MS japan studios went under the game went back to MS (because they owned it) the game was dead despite the fact internal MS devs for 7 years were begging Phil to bring it back.

So it wasn't just die hard fans that were begging for it MS internals were as well to my surprise.

With the recent renewed license the game ultimately has been resurrected as restart or a reboot. So its counted a new Ip But you are right the game itself isn't new considering it existed before but died, and came back.

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