This is what will be in Titanfall Update 4

The complete change log for Titanfall's 4th update has been released to the public

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cruzngta1607d ago

wHERES THE xb1 REZ BUMP ALREADY?????? Is it not possible to do???

user95970821607d ago

Did they ever actually say they were going to do it?

ramiuk11607d ago

yes once the news of the kinect thing they respawn said they would go back and tweak it and try get 1080p

user95970821607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

We'll that's pretty cool if true. Although I would much rather them fix the awful screen tearing issues first. It's the only xbox one game I've seen that does it which is a shame since it's supposed to be a console pusher.

Edit: I guess I missed the part in the article where they apparently resolved this issue.

mhunterjr1607d ago

The new game modes sound like a lot of fun, and encourage team work. It's a shame they will only be around temporarily.

JeffGUNZ1606d ago

If hey are really popular I bet respawn will keep them around.

LonDonE1607d ago

"Fixed tearing happening more often than necessary when running close to 60 fps."

Now that's what am talking about!!! finally i hope the game will benefit from less tearing since tearing was awful on Titanfall! every time you pan the camera it would tear near enough and right in the middle of the screen too, it was distracting as hell and i applaud respawn for working on it! its one of the biggest complaints with titanfall!

This update is BEAST! i like the amount of work they have done and the amps for the titans should switch up the game even more! bravo to respawn, now if only they would drop the resolution or give us a option to drop the game to 720p for locked vsync(no tearing) and a more stable frame rate.

I LOVE THIS GAME, its so liberating to be able to wall run and run rings around the enemy and the titans are so bad ass! i hope respawn works more on optimising the game to get rid of tearing altogether! and to stabilise the frame rate, for instance i notices certain maps tear allot more then others, for example angel city which IS AWESOME hardly ever tears for me while dimeter tears allot!
It has to be lack of optimising which is to blame!


HacSawJimThugin1607d ago

Every other game I've played after TF seems so slow and restricting because parkour. I'm glad that they are still actively working on improving this awesome ass game because it's quickly become one of my all time faves. Gen10 Pilot on deck!!!

LonDonE1607d ago

AGREED, after playing Titanfall i just cant go back to other online fps games no more, the games feel so mundane and restricted movement wise compared to Titanfall! the wall running is so awesome and i just LOVE HOW BALANCED the game is, never have i played a online fps game which was so balanced!

The Titans vs pilots, pilots vs bots etc everything is great, even the cloak and smart pistol which i was dreading is fine, i can say i have never been killed by the smart pistol yet and dont feel its op vs pilots, maybe against grunts but who cares about them!!
The weapons are balanced well too, i actually started using the shot gun EVA and found it to be great! it in most games i hate using shot guns etc, but in TF it feels good! and is not over powered since a good pilot can just wall run like mad and make hitting him hard work with a shot gun!! so again its well balanced, the maps too feel good.

I just cant wait for them to add visual customising for Titans and also imagine controlling the Titan with Kinnect, "Titan guard, Titan follow, Titan help my ass lol" would be a good way to use kinnect!

1607d ago
mhunterjr1606d ago

I don't get to play the game as often as I would like... So I fear I may be one of the enemies you run circles around. Just the other day, I got repeatedly owned by a guy who was dancing around tree to tree on one of the new maps. It was frustrating, but awesome to behold,

LonDonE1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

AGREED demeter has a mind blowing sunset! in fact i think all the maps in this game look great and play great, and even the intro video in the game and the footage u watch while at the beginning if you sit idle makes the game look awesome! the lore seems to be pretty deep, its such a shame we didn't get a fully fleshed out single player campaign! some of the maps look like awesome single player set pieces with all the stuff going on in the background!

The art design screams out for a single player campaign and i also feel a single player gets people more invested in the lore of the game, thus making them more motivated to play!
oh well hopefully T2 will have it!

LOL hang in there, and remember mate practice makes perfect!

What's annoying is, i wish they would allow us to go into a private lobby and just start up a match on our own so we could practice wall running and finding the quickest routes around the map while wall running etc
They did add a private match lobby but their has to be a minimum of 2 players before you can start the match! i wish you could start it alone and just practice, like the training mission and imagine if you could switch on the bots too, grunts, spectres and a titan or a few! would make the game so much more awesome!
and would be a great way of making more intimidated players feel eased into the new game mechanics!
Plus would allow people to practice strategies etc, either way i absolutely LOVE THIS GAME!!

PS The new update is just AWESOME! the new idle footage and screens while loading look awesome! and i can confirm for me at least screen tearing has been reduced allot and when it does happen its not as annoying, but again i will be stoked when its fully vsync with zero tearing!
To test it when a match starts up and you pick your class and are in the ship getting to the drop point pan the camera around really fast it doesn't tear any more and after you drop its not as bad either! it tears now mainly when more then 2 titans are on screen and particles are flying everywhere!

either way respawn done a great job with this patch! keep them coming i say and keep optimising to get rid of tearing for good!

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tgunzz1607d ago

Very good update coming for TF! Keep the content coming....

DJustinUNCHAIND1607d ago

INB4 "No one cares about Titanfall anymore".

tgunzz1607d ago

Shoot, I do... That game is awesome for me!!! I am not having trouble getting matches.....

1607d ago
DLConspiracy1607d ago

lol I love Titanfall and you KNOW you do too. :P

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