Don't judge Far Cry 4 by its cover, says game director

Alex Hutchinson responds to criticism of key art, pointing to Ubisoft's strong heritage of diverse characters.

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NerdBurglars1638d ago

I think the cover is quite cool

Dolf0451638d ago

Very cool. Dude shouldn't have had to say anything!

Pozzle1638d ago

I like it too. And since many game covers are grey/black, the bright pink suit on a blue/green background would definitely stand out on store shelves.

Agent20091638d ago

I think the cover art doesn't make any freaking sense. That grenade will kill them both, goddamit!

uth111638d ago

Well now he tells us! :P

die_fiend1638d ago

Sorry Alex Hutchinson but if I hadn't judged assassins creed 3 by the box then it would have been a no sale!

BillmadeAGate1638d ago

Ak47 and a RPG ? You sure this game isn't set in Iraq.. -waits silently for chuckles-

Summons751638d ago

I did, cover looks great and Far Cry has only let me down once with Far Cry 2 but made up for it and more with Far Cry 3 soooo, I can't wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.