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Battlefield: Hardline COULD be worth $60

Will EA, Visceral & Dice deliver a unique and worthwhile game with Battlefield: Hardline? Or are they trying to rob us blind with with a quick cash grab? (Battlefield: Hardline, Dice, EA, PC, PS3, PS4, Visceral games, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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cellur111  +   400d ago
It couldn't.
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   400d ago
And yet people buy Recycled Warfares every year...
JBSleek  +   400d ago
At least people can actually play the game.
mikeslemonade  +   400d ago
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   400d ago
Nope. It should have been an expansion pack. The last game they released was broke as hell because it was rushed. Theses guys at dice are now doing the COD yearly reskin and charging full price for it.

Star Wars battlefront is the only game I will pick up for a while from these guys. If they screw that up then I'm putting bf in the cod catagory.
venom06  +   400d ago
EXACTLY!!!!!!! and they also accept the excuse of "it may look similiar to the previous CoD, but its all about fun right?"
bub16  +   400d ago
should be a free update to bf4, after the release of bf4 im done with the series
cfc83  +   400d ago
It could be, if they shove a $30 store voucher in the box.
Finch  +   400d ago
I love bf, but I am not feeling this one. Get it priced around $20 I might think about it.
spence52490  +   400d ago
die_fiend  +   400d ago
There's no way people are drop $60 on this. Every single person I've spoken to says 'Should be DLC' and they're right
EGOKILLER  +   400d ago
This will be the first Battlefield game I haven't pre ordered or bought. Battlefield 4 was just to broken and unplayable for me to just say "oh well" and purchase the game again with a different name.
OrangePowerz  +   400d ago
Don't forget the most likely 50 bucks for the premium membership to get all the DLC for it.
TheBurger29  +   400d ago
I will pay $60 for it. I know how its just a reskin but for the first time in a long time(BF:BC2) I actually had a lot of fun in a battlefield game! using the zipline to get from building to building, then using graphling hook to climb up walls. Also not that buggy! I may not be the majority but I had good honest fun from a franchise that I was loosing hope for.
Phene  +   400d ago
That's good to hear, I didn't get to play the beta. From what I saw though it doesn't look like the BF of old but they just released some balony on why there isn't a Bad Company 3. It was all downhill after 2.
DirtyLary  +   400d ago
I calling it. The zip line was already code and copied to Hardline.. it will be in one of last two BF4 dlcs.
BillmadeAGate  +   400d ago
I hate battlefield period.. I hate the mechanics, I hate the map limitations, an I definitely hate the hit registering system.. but guys I gotta say they fixed most of these problems with hardline. Hardline is the first battlefield I actually played for more than two games... so im definitely getting it
Fishy Fingers  +   400d ago
Remains to be seen. But the game doesn't ship tomorrow so they have time to justify the retail release yet, if your still unsure await reviews or post launch hands on. No need to keep going on about it yet though.
Jughead3416  +   400d ago
You can see that the new call of duty is almost appearing to be a series reboot in a way, but this new battlefield doesn't even look as good as the last. If feels rushed. Like a make up game. I'll try saving too much judgement until it releases, but I'm not impressed so far.
BLAKHOODe  +   400d ago
The new COD looks like they are stealing a lot of ideas from Titan Fall... or maybe Respawn knew what was going on with the COD franchise and beat them to the punch with Titan Fall? Who knows!
JBSleek  +   400d ago
Not sure how it seems they are steeling anything fro Titanfall. If anything I would say it is paying homage to Crysis over Titanfall.
STK026  +   400d ago
Only if they add more depth to the gameplay. It's a mix of Battlefield and Payday, but the maps are too small and the vehicles aren't as interesting to use as they are in BF4, and it doesn't have all the features found in Payday 2.

It's somewhat of a mix between two games, but it fails to capitalize on what made these games so great.
Triggywiggy  +   400d ago
There has been two modes on 1 map. The two modes aren't full map modes and aren't the usual modes in battlefield. EA have said there will be Rush and Conquest. You stated the maps are too small, the vehicles are uninteresting and that it's missing lots of features.

ITS A BETA. Honestly don't know how you can read all this off a 2 week BETA that only offers probably 1/20th of the game, no main features and probably 1/10 of unlocks, weapons and vehicles plus 1 of 10 maps.

Wait for the actual game before you actually judge like you have. Please
tommy-cronin  +   400d ago
Ah its like 80 euro for so called special edition in my ps store
BLAKHOODe  +   400d ago
I'm going to hold out regardless. Battlefield 4 dropped $20 to $30 a month after it's release in time for a lot of holiday sales, while Call Of Duty maintained it's price. BF Hardline looks like a "B" game to me, so I don't think it'll be as successful as BF4 and the price drop might be swifter.
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   400d ago
Not for me!
daBUSHwhaka  +   400d ago
2 1/2 years to put a new skin in the game.In that time they couldn't even change a few animations.Come on get real.Would pay $15 for this tops.
Triggywiggy  +   400d ago
What animations did you want changing? I already noticed new takedowns, new body falls, and better bullet fire and explosions.
daBUSHwhaka  +   400d ago
Every character moves the exact same regardless of whether your a robber wearing casuals or a swat wearing tactical gear.That's what I loved about BC2.You really did move like you were carrying 40+ pounds of gear.Of course they should have changed some animations.This really is just cut and paste with a new skin.Stopped playing COD after MW2 for the same reason.Unfortunately BF is just going the same way with Hardline.If your happy to have the wool pulled over your eyes then bravo.
dazzrazz  +   400d ago
More like Battlefield Endline...
Dannycr  +   400d ago
Based on what I've played? No. It should have been a BF4 DLC. At least, it should be given for free to BF4 Premium users.
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lnfiniteLoop  +   400d ago
tbh there is very little reason why Battlefield Hardline couldnt be paid for DLC add-on for Battlefield 4... its really only a re-skin with a new game mode... and you still get the same little twat kids messing it all up for people that want to actually attempt the objective of the game... not sure yet if I am willing to part with full price money for this on day of release, when Battlefield 4 was sold in such a big mess in both single and multi player parts of the game...
Evil-Gouki  +   400d ago
I got stung by basicly paying to test the beta of BF4 when it released. It won't happen again.
lnfiniteLoop  +   400d ago
dont you mean you got stung by paying for the Beta dressed up as a full working game in a retail box... I'm with you on that... it wasnt a very good buying experience, let alone the very poor gaming experience...

I think alot of people will be holding off buying the next Battlefield game until they see a working product for themselves...
Psychotica  +   399d ago
Very few games actually give me a full $60 worth of gameplay value..

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