Will Xbox One Fall Releases Weaken the PS 4 Sales Lead Due to Sony’s Lack of AAA Fall Exclusives

Skewed and Reviewed have taken a break from their site updates to post an opinion piece asking if Sony is heading for a sales dip this Holiday Season due to a lack of AAA exclusives. The article notes that they have an impressive list of third party titles and exclusive in 2015, but Microsoft has two big titles this Fall which may enable the Xbox One to make up ground.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

LOL really... of course it Wont these Triple A MS has is not as big as everyone thinks i dont think.

SunsetOver Drive will not do better then TitanFall.. and Titanfall was Over Hyped by the Media

Garethvk1335d ago

if Microsoft does what they usually do and throw tons of money at ads, look at what the public will see. Countless ads for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Halo, and Sunset Overdrive. They will likely do that Only on Xbox One thing and less informed consumers like parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles may be swayed to pick up the system for holiday gifts. The hardcore consumers know what they want, Holidays are often about swaying the undecided buyers and regardless of quality, people may see the Xbox has having new and hip exclusive titles for the Fall while Sony trots our Little Big Planet 3 which I think we all can agree will not have the impact on buyers that The Order 1886 would have.

NewMonday1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

Fall/Winter is a crowded time, many big established franchises releasing like FC4, BF:Hardline, CoD:AW, AC:Unity, GTA5 remastered and a game with the biggest advertising budget yet Destiny, all big action games, it will be hard for Sunset Overdrive to stand out and make people care, this time slot could kill it.

on the other hand PS4 has DriveClub and LBP3 and they have the advantage of being targeted at a different crowed in the market with little overlap in the potential customers.

Sony delaying the Order could have more to do than giving more development time, next Fall/Winter is a bad time for new IP, especially action games.

bicfitness1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

Because MS spending gobs of money on advertising has worked so well with the public thus far, in this gen? The same people that go for the Halo Remastered are the same people that bought an X1 for TF: the diehards. Sales during March, where the console and the game could be had for $450 or less, have already proven that the X1's issues are deeper than marketing, price, or perceived value.

So much wishful thinking from so many jaded fans, who should be directing their anger at MS for squandering the brand with poor engineering and a lack of vision (one that resonated with consumers). What's funny is that I doubt the X1 will outsell the PS4 at all, this year, in the US in any month. Price-drops and "system-sellers" be damned. If TF didn't do it, nothing will. Feel free to bookmark this for future vindication or humility.

The so called "exclusive" lists are pretty evenly matched too, it all boils down to personal opinion, and there is a narrative that people are trying to push that one is better than the other.

X1 AAA Exclusives for 2014:
Project Spark
TF (multi-gen)
Halo: RM
Forza (multi-gen)
Sunset Overdrive

AAA Exclusives for 2014:
MLB (multi-gen)
LBP 3 (multi-gen)
(Possibly, Planetside 2 and/ or and Kingdom Under Fire 2 as these both have massive budgets, and slick graphics. And if TF counts as 'exclusive' when its on PC, so too do these games.)

So I count 5 for 5, unless I'm missing some. I know there's BlazBlue, Natural Doctrine and other boxed retail releases on the PS4 too, and 2015 belongs to Sony so far, without a doubt (Bloodborne, the Order). Therefor, if I'm going with what narrative is more convincing, I'd side with the PS4, as it simply has MORE games in the pipeline. Period.

But we'll get another article or ten like this each day, until the library is so massive that it can't be questioned anymore. Then the goalposts will move again.

Neonridr1335d ago

@bicfitness - don't confuse yourself. Titanfall isn't even in the same league, let alone ballpark of Halo..

imt5581335d ago

Destiny Glacier White PS4 bundle!

MysticStrummer1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

"Fall/Winter is a crowded time, many big established franchises releasing like FC4, BF:Hardline, CoD:AW, AC:Unity, GTA5 remastered and a game with the biggest advertising budget yet Destiny, all big action games"


One huge reason why it took PS3 so long to catch up with 360 was that many multi plats were marginally better looking on 360, especially early in the generation while PS3 was also more expensive. PS4 now has bigger differences in it's favor and a disKinected XB1 at the same price won't change that.

Also, people who are just getting into the new generation will often go with the console their friends already bought. 360 won that battle early last gen, but PS4 will get the better of that equation during the 2014 holidays. XB1 sales will spike, no doubt, but I still expect PS4 to sell substantially better overall.

Sabo1335d ago

I don't think people are giving any consideration to the white PS4 bundle with Destiny. People love Bungie and want to play something new from them. People love the PS4 and a new color system will be very popular. Plus the unique PS4 content with Destiny will make it even more tempting.

As far as remakes I think people will be just as interested in a remake of TLoU as they are the Halo collection. TLoU was many people's game of the gen, and many people haven't even played it yet.

And Drive Club may also be very popular when it arrives.

Boody-Bandit1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )


I pre-ordered a White PS4 Destiny Bundle.
I already have 2 PS4's in my home. But I have a lot of rooms to game in and I love the way the PS4 looks in all white. Just as I will most likely purchase multiple DS4 colored controllers in September.

I have an addiction and that addiction is gaming.

bouzebbal1335d ago

third party games will obviously be better on PS4, and only morons will call LBP3 DriveClub Guilty Gear Xrd and Last of Us lack of AAA exclusives.

Aceman181335d ago

I don't see sales slowing down come this fall.

TheUltimateGamer1335d ago

I think the adverts will work for awhile where the X1 is concerned, but at the end of the day it really does come down to which system you prefer. I don't think we'll see sales slow on either system for quite some time.

mikeslemonade1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

If you call MS exclusives better than that's still debatable. TLOU equals Halo collection.

The one thing that can't be debated is the PS4 has the mindshare right now and is the best value for current gen gaming. Also multiplats decides who win this generation. If the 360 wasn't so successful with the multiplats last gen then it wouldn't have even been close.

Sheikh Yerbouti1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

If this is the AAA list of exclusives, it is really like 4-3. Big whoop. *twirls finger in air*

LOL. Remakes aren't AAA, the original games were. You had a Forza game less than a year ago. I know it is different, but I haven't seen how different. Might as well as be a remake too.

X1 AAA Exclusives for 2014:
Project Spark
TF (multi-gen)
Sunset Overdrive

PS3 AAA Exclusives for 2014:
MLB (multi-gen)
LBP 3 (multi-gen)


Chevalier1334d ago

Uh yeah the Destiny PS4 bundle is going to sell a ton and you don't think that Activision is going to push their new property more than COD? They'll get their billion $$$ from the COD eventually, but, expect COD to be pushed into the backround they can't afford not to establish Destiny as a) it's costing $500 million b) is being touted as the next big franchise c) look at reason a again.

SilentNegotiator1334d ago

Titanfall, reduced price multi-game pack-ins, "price cut" Kinect removal SKU...none of these things elevated Bone sales above PS4 for more than a week.

Will new Xbone games slow PS4 sales down a little when they don't have something themselves that week? Sure. Will they get the gap bridged any closer? By a very small amount at best.

PS4 is just infinitely more popular than the Xbone.

Kidmyst1334d ago

Remember too, kids have their parent buy what their friends are playing on, if they played COD on 360 last gen but now on PS4, they'll play on PS4. The whole "get it first one Xbox" has no meaning if everyone you play with is on another console. PS4 now having cross game chat drew in many former 360 gamers.

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ArchangelMike1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

One game to rule them all... and its even a multiplatform title - Destiny. That game will shift more PS4 consoles in the Fall and holiday months than all the other individual games during the same period.

Edit: Realistically speaking though, Sony is going to make sure that it's momentum continues through the Fall and Holiday season. Most of the multiplatform titles coming out will look better on PS4. A few of those (FarCry4, Destiny, GTAV, etc) will have better exclusive content on PS4.

Neonridr1335d ago

I would agree if it wasn't for the fact that it's releasing on the PS3/360. Again, no real reason for people to upgrade when they can get a "good enough" experience on their last gen consoles.

Garethvk1335d ago

They key will be how much they play up the exclusive content for the PS 4 system. The other thing to remember is that there is an abundance of big titles due from Sep-Nov so consumers will have to make some hard choices as to which ones they get. This can lead to some games being overlooked and not having the expected impact. The Evil Within, Alien Isolation, Borderlands the pre Sequel, Evolve, Destiny, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, etc are all due out around that time.

NewMonday1335d ago


Watch Dogs gave PS4 a big boost.

Prime1571335d ago


I would agree if this was last gen, however ps4 is barely shy of 90 playable games already, a number that is very high comparatively to other consoles at 7 months old. Xbox has just shy of 50 and that's higher than most past consoles.

The catalogue is growing, and that diversity in conjunction with Destiny running better on new gen will have an impact on sales.

Dolf0451335d ago

Yeah wouldn't be surprised if GTAV gets the bundle treatment along with LOU and Destiny. That alone will keep sales up. LBP has appeal to younger gamers too which I think might be missing for fall lineup on MS side.

I wouldn't be surprised if they have a lot lined up for Gamescom too to get people psyched for whats happening in the new year. All in all I can't see MS getting close this xmas, but time will tell

mkis0071335d ago

I think people underestimate the family value of LittleBigPlanet 3. Nothing releasing to compete with that game. I put the E3 demo on at my work where we are selling ps4's, you have all the kids come and watch it. Also minecraft...which is multi, but kids will see it on the ps4 demo and be interested.

Boody-Bandit1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

"I think people underestimate the family value of LittleBigPlanet 3."

I agree. 1st day must buy for me. I love LBP.

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AngelicIceDiamond1335d ago

People really like Halo 2 so I dunno.

Spotie1335d ago

People really like a lot of different games, so I dunno, either.

Magicite1335d ago

There are plenty of AAA multiplats coming this fall which will sell better on PS4 than any other platform.

wsoutlaw871335d ago

Honesty both systems exculsives dont look that great. Sunset overdrive looks kind of stupid too me and i really doubt it will catch on and sell systems. I dont play LBP, the 2 remastered games will probably have about equal excitement, plus the racing games. Im not really seeing an edge for either company here. But ill still be playing the crap out of evolve and destiny, plus alien, Shadows of mordor, dragon age, and some smaller games. COD will be advertised for xbox and Destiny and usually AC will be advertised for ps4. Id actually be more excited for planet side, deep down, and H1Z1 if they make it to the ps4 than any of the other exclusives this year. The first few months of next year are going to be so good though and great for sony exclusives.

Automatic791335d ago

@wsoutlaw the games you most excited about are not mentioned because they are far way out.

Automatic791335d ago

@ PSN-Je I wonder if you would say the same if Sunset Overdrive were on PS4. Note love how everyone says Titanfall Overhyped and so far the best selling/reviewed Shooter.

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XiSasukeUchiha1335d ago

That's all in an opinion! (lame drum beat).

mhunterjr1335d ago

Individually, MS' AAA titles might not move a ton of consoles, but together they should help drive people to the console. Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon, and Halo: MC collection back-2-back is sure to have a positive effect on demand.

Kayant1335d ago

Yep. Although given the amount of multi-plats around then that will have the larger overall effect but yh those three titles will have a more impactful effect than DC and LP3.

wsoutlaw871335d ago

I just dont see it. I think drive club and forza are both racing games. DC is newer and a little different but forza is more established. Plus theres the crew also. LBP and Sunset will probably both gather little excitement except for those who already own the system and know they want them. I also dont see a huge demand for people to buy an xb one from the 360 just to play halo over again because most that wanted to play it did and just played 4. The last of us probably has more people that would play it, but havent had the chance too yet or didnt know about it, but not a huge amount of people.

guyman1335d ago

The only exclusive im interested this year on xbox one is sunset overdrive, whch looks absolutely amazing. From ps4 it is little big planet 3, which is a huge game for playstation, and infamous second son

also interested in the remasters of halo and the last of us. I dont know who writes this crap, but it's obvious they're trying to stir up a war.

Funny story: BOTH CONSOLES FLIPPING have a lack of retail excusives

Garethvk1335d ago

How is stating an opinion trying to start a war? There is nothing in this article that is off base as it presents a valid question with some solid points. Fact, Sony has a shortage of AAA exclusives for the Fall. Fact, Microsoft has two big exclusives coming this fall. Fact, Sony has matched the PS 4 in price which combined with the new releases may, not I said may sway undecided buyers. So again, which part of the story is not based in fact? We do not know how they will sell it is simply asking if Sony not having major AAA titles for the holiday season will have any effect on their sales lead sine Microsoft has titles coming that may be of big interest to people. It is funny how anytime anyone says anything that I even remotely against or questioning one console people are quick to label it as crap or bias. Why don't we all just hold hands and sing songs if we cannot have an intelligent debate without name calling. Did I say anything that would but hurt PS 4 or Xbox One fans? if so, they need to really get a life as it was a balanced question.

ThatOneRiggaNob1335d ago

Did you read my mind? I swear you did man.

SoapShoes1335d ago

Oh get real PS4 has more games for fall with the same amount of retail games. This is getting old... -_-

wsoutlaw871335d ago

Thinking ms has 2 big exclusives and sony has a shortage is delusional. Even acting like 2 is a lot more than a shortage is delusional.

polow got sol1335d ago

Sunset overdrive along with the greatest remaster in console history that is halo i dont see lbp competing with that.