Dead Island 2: New Weapons, New Characters, New Story, and Motion Captured Cats

The game will feature seamless co-op and a non-linear, endlessly repeatable story. Also, cat fidelity.

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Omnisonne1632d ago

hmm, I hope it won't end up like an over the top silly zombie shooter with a mishmash of generic quests.
As cheesy as Dead island was at some points, I did like the serious tone it had and melee-based combat.

Ofcourse theres also Dying Light so im not entirely sure what to think about DI2 for the moment

nope1111632d ago

I hope cats aren't hurt in game. I can't deal with that, even if it's not real :'(

konnerbllb1632d ago

I take it you aren't a fan of cat punting.

Immorals1632d ago

Don't play postal 2 then..

nope1111632d ago

Oh, i'm very aware of Postal. Fuking disgusting.
And if i ever catch cat punting in the act, i will not hesitate to attack the sick bastard.

Summons751632d ago

Show us something to prove it's not going to be a unplayable mess! You could have the best characters and heart wrenching story ever written but that won't mean sh** if the gameplay is broken and filled with game breaking bugs.

CorndogBurglar1632d ago

While I agree with you, the first one was a little glitchy, it was hardly game breaking in any way.

Summons751632d ago

Seriously? The first year all I read about were game breaking bugs with experiencing plenty myself. The game was genuinely broken. I don't know about now because after restarting 5 times I gave up.

nklh4x0r1632d ago

I hope the whole cat thing isn't the CoD dog thing

DanaBlack1632d ago

Can't get enough of Online Co-op Zombie games

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