Valiant Hearts: The Great War Review (Strategy Informer)

From "Set amidst the blood and carnage of the First World War, Valiant Hearts is a poignant and moving story of four individuals brought together by themes of revenge, loyalty, loss and love. The adventure/puzzle gameplay may be a little lightweight but that's because the setting, the art-style and the story take centre stage and bring home the dark reality of war on the western front in 1914-1918".

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MasterCornholio1549d ago

I'm looking forward to this game.

uth111549d ago

Me too.

I was getting concerned about how little hype this game has compared to Child of Light. Was thinking maybe that was because it sucked?

Glad to see it getting high marks!

Silly Mammo1549d ago

Looking forward to this one. Not nearly enough games about WWI.