10 Awesome Gaming Franchises It Became Cool To Hate

The following game franchises are criticized or hated by a certain percent of the gaming population not because they necessarily deserve it, but simply as a means of generating “gamer cred” or a feeling of self-righteousness. Here are 10 awesome game franchises it became cool to hate.

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Agent20091517d ago

It became cool to hate those franchises not without sensible reasons.

raWfodog1517d ago

I'm surprised Final Fantasy isn't on that list. The more recent games seem to have turned a lot of people away from the franchise. Maybe the overwhelming positives of the earlier games far outweigh the bad.

For the record, I'm looking forward to FFXV. I'm forever an optimist :)

dcj05241517d ago

The only bad ones in my opinion was FF13 series and original FFXIV.

wsoutlaw871517d ago

ya this article is kind of stupid, no offense. He acts like people hate them just to be cool, and then lists the reasons why it is completely justifiable to hate those games. The "hardcore" in every area always act like they hate the more popular things because how could they pretend to be better or smarter than the casuals if not. That being said it makes a ton of sense to hate these franchises for what they have become. Its kind of like some who think its cool, to write in a way thats talking down on people, that they think are trying to be cool, just because they like cod.

Nik_P7571517d ago

Some of those franchises arent hated by the masses and some of them have lost touch with innovation and the hate is deserved. Piss poor list.

gamerfan09091517d ago

All of those franchises, outside of Resident Evil, Madden and maybe COD, have been consistently great or caters to their fanbases. Anyone that can flat out say Mario, Pokemon, Mass Effect, Halo, Assassins Creed, and Guitar hero, especially for its time, were bad games then they're delusional.

MrSwankSinatra1517d ago

Resident Evil 6 has negative reception because it was complete trash. Fans told and told capcom to get their sh** together and now look at capcom now.

gamerfan09091517d ago

I'm sorry but I liked Resident Evil 5 and 6!!!!!!!!!. Sue me.

MrSwankSinatra1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Resident Evil 5 is a good game the only thing is that it isn't a good resident evil game. If Resident Evil 5 had a different name i would have no problem with it. RE6 on the other hand i can not fathom who could like that garbage.

Highlife1517d ago

I only liked RE5 for the co-op that was fun to play split screen with someone on the couch with me was great. RE6 bought it hoping for the same experience and haven't finished the game and don't ever plan on even looking at that pile of crap ever again.

CloudRap1517d ago

After ghosts Im fully on the BF train now (that is, when BF4 works) but I gotta say Im think Im gonna keep an open mind on advanced warfare, its been the biggest improvement graphically but we shall see if that transfers to the gameplay.

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The story is too old to be commented.