Why Are There So Many Fallout 4 Rumors?

Id.Ivanoff writes: "It doesn't come as a surprise that every few months a new Fallout 4 rumor spreads around the web creating hype in the fan community. After the success of the fake website Survivor2299 more people have started generating random rumors about the game for one reason or another. But why is that?"

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TacticAce1553d ago

It's because fans are impatient. It actually has been disturbing to see how so called "fans" is attacking Bethesda for not revealing their next game.

When a development team like Bethesda gets 4-5 years of development time amazing things happen, this is not the studio to be rushing. With new hardware, a bigger team, a bigger budget, and more time Bethesda can create something that will set the new standard in the gaming industry and force all of these other open world game developers to play catch up. Yet again

Keep Calm, Be patient.

CourierSix1551d ago

I don't want to agree, yet I do.

I would just like some form of offical announcement and maybe a progress report. I don't think that's asking a great deal really since it has been so long since we've seen something new for the Fallout Universe.

But, you are right, when left to their own devices Bethesda is capable of greatness and we need to wait if we want the game we're all hoping for.

As for the rumours;
Believe nothing. Trust no one.
Only Bethesda can alleviate this drought.