There's One Big Issue That's Slowly Killing The Xbox One And PS4

When most people think of "next-generation" gaming graphics, they envision crisper textures, added realism, detailed environments, and a sharper resolution.

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NextLevel1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

This is a way bigger problem for the Xbox One than the PS4.

Here is a great breakdown on the processors in these machines. The PS4 easily outclasses the Xbox One where it matters.

Take a look at Quantum Break, which is a beautiful game and take a look at Uncharted. Quantum Break guaranteed will be running sub 1080p and Uncharted is atleast 1080p and from the sounds of it at 60FPS, while looking leaps and bounds better than Quantum Break.

Infamous is an open world game that looks better than Ryse.

Both consoles will be optimized for better performance, the PS4 just has what it needs to always stay on top. Which is why is absolutely ridiculous for the consoles to be the same price.

randomass1711548d ago

I agree somewhat. It largely depends on where the development effort goes and right now with all of the enthusiasm it seems like most devs will indeed go for PS4 over anything else. Though I can see some developers prioritizing PC since all three platforms use the same architecture.

NextLevel1548d ago

Agreed. Using the same architecture was a great choice, that works out well for everyone. Last gen was chaos.

alexkoepp1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

What's killing current gen consoles is the fact developers are still making new games available on last gen platforms. Why buy a new console when you can still play all the new games on your ancient x360 and ps3.

If you start just making games for the current gen that people really want to play, they will buy a new system and we all benefit from that.

I'm not going to go do any research, but from memory I don't remember any other generation doing these stupid cross generation games, and surely not on this scale.

MurDocINC1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Yes it's stupid to support the 270million last gen owners.

USA0071548d ago

Comparing I:SS and Ryse shouldn't be done. Each one uses it's own assets and runs on a different engine. They're two different games, two different devs. Cryengine also isn't known for being efficient.

Same for FH2 and Driveclub.
Pretty much the only true comparison you can make is multiplats, as they are made and optimized all with the same tools

irepbtown1548d ago

Supporting last Gen consoles is not a problem.
A problem occurs when Devs want the 'same experience' for last gen and current gen gamers. For instance, Destiny is not 60fps on X1/PS4 because of previous Gen and Bungie wanting the 'same experience' across all platforms (here's link:

That is a problem. That is the danger, that is what will affect current gen consoles.

WishMeWell2591548d ago

PS3 and X360 out number the 4 and 1. Like without question. To make money, they have to make stuff where the people are at and its still last gen

tokugawa1548d ago


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i am just trying to figure which uber sony troll you was before you lost all your bubbles.. hmmm

Pogmathoin1548d ago

I was trying to find an article like this too, spent all day. Very true for now, but X1 will improve, and is. There is always a more powerful console, always will be. Games that you want will always be spread out over different consoles. So what is the point of this article? I would not say the author is pro Sony, but he definitely seems anti-MS

The_Hero1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

The biggest issue with last gen was that it lasted too long. 5-7 years max. Don't even aim for 10 years.

PX541548d ago

you don't remember any previous generation doing cross generation games? The last PS2 game to be released (in the West at least) was released in 2013 - and this was a cross generation game that was also released on the PS3 AND PS4...
It happens each time, you can't just suddenly stop producing games for consoles that millions of people own. There's risks involved in only producing games for new hardware, will the one you pick (if exclusive) flop? How much will it cost in time and money to learn the new architecture or acquire licenses? Some companies won't have the money to move to a new platform immediately.
You may not have noticed it quite as much previously because of backward compatibility. I was still buying PS1 games when the PS2 came out because I knew they'd play on the PS2 - so even when people had sold their old consoles for the new one they could still play games made for the previous generation.

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jackanderson19851548d ago

so what happens if Quantum Break comes out at 1080p since you're guaranteeing it won't?... Game isn't due for another year at least.

Also Unchartered won't exceed 1080p that'll be the max this gen for at least 5 years and even then I can't see them going beyond it

Also your comment on Infamous is subjective... Some people say Ryse, some Infamous, some have other views completely so

NextLevel1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

"so what happens if Quantum Break comes out at 1080p since you're guaranteeing it won't?... Game isn't due for another year at least"

Sunset Overdrive in 900p, Diablo is 900p, Titanfall is 792p, Dead Rising is 720p, Ryse is 900p and the Halo 5 trailer made reference to 60FPS but not 1080p, so I'm assuming it isn't either. All the Xbox One has really reached 1080p on is a few cross gen games and Forza 5 which was heavily downgraded.

Quantum Break looks great, it'll bet it won't be 1080p or will take a downgrade like Forza 5 to reach it. It just makes sense.

"Also your comment on Infamous is subjective... Some people say Ryse, some Infamous, some have other views completely so"

Fair enough, the what separates them is one is an open world game by Suckerpunch and the other is a linear game by Crytek. If you can't see the hardware differences from that sentence, I'm sorry.

SpinalRemains1381548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Even if both games are even in terms of visuals, his point still stands though. The argument is not solely about visuals, but about how much power each console has.

If Infamous SS, an open world game, has equal visuals to a 5 hr repetitive game on rails which has frame rate in the teens, then there is a problem with the latter's console.

thenickel1548d ago

Next Level just shut up! Tired of reading all of these I'm right and you're wrong silly agenda comments. If you think your toy is better than his toy I suggest you shove into the same place you seem to be talking from. Both consoles have great looking games and as history constantly repeats itself both will progess in all areas. Ps4 is more powerful but X1 is no slouch. Thank you

Dubaman1548d ago


The 5th panel seems more apt than anything

marlinfan101548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

How come the open world arugments okay here but when we talk about FH2 and driveclub you guys laugh off the open world argument. Both of those games look great yet ones open world with a ton of more content than the other without being delayed a year. Both running at 1080p/30fps

ThePope1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Haha I wonder which console Next level likes lol.

The key thing to remember is that while graphics are important, what these consoles can do in terms of immersive gameplay is far more important.

The evidence is that no one, I repeat NO ONE, who has played game on X1 that is sub PS4 resolution had any less fun then their PS4 counterpart. IF graphics meant so much that could not be said.

On top of that It will be the second or third generation of games that will really take full use of these consoles.

And please stop using the 30 second Uncharted video we saw as proof that its 1080p/60. NO one has any idea of what they meant by "in engine". Cause that video could be a cut scene running at 30fps. It very may be the best looking game when it finally comes out. But that 30 second video is not enough info to make any claims.

IVIEDICATED1548d ago Show
Revolver_X_1548d ago

"Cause that video could be a cut scene running at 30fps."

Jus' sayin.

We will see the final products then compare. As of now DC just looks superior to FH2. So, wheres your point?

MRMagoo1231548d ago


you cant compare those 2 games because they arent even out yet and arent for a while yet, so hold ya horses till you see them, I mean forza 5 looked good in the demos then the actual game released and it was a shinier 360 game with card board cut outs.

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Manic20141548d ago

"Leaps and bounds better than quantum" I think that's a bit of an overstatement. It definitely looks great and better but not a huge difference in visual fidelity.

"Also guaranteed sub-1080p" The could be way off as since the GPU boost, dev's stated they are targeting 1080p (Bungie and CD Projekt Red).

ThePope1548d ago

I don't get how people can say that. We've seen 30 seconds of Uncharted video that says in engine, and people are setting themselves up to think that's what its actually going to look like. That's going to be very disappointing. That's it. The best part is we've seen actual QB gameplay!

ArchangelMike1548d ago

The premise for the article is inaccurate. There is no data (sales or otherwise) to suggest that the graphical limitations (perceived or otherwise)of either console is killing them.

Infact the opposite is true. The improved graphical capabilities of next gen consoles, over and above their last gen counterparts has been one of the major driving factors in sales. Moreover, the trend of releasing remastered last gen games, with graphical overhauls is proof of this.

Anon19741548d ago

And really, if graphics are such a huge, driving factor for sales then how does that explain the amazing success the Wii had last gen while clearly under-powered compared to it's competition? Like you said, if he backed this up with some sort of sales data or something it would be another story, but this guy is really just talking out of his ass.

Clearly graphics is only one factor.

IcarusOne1548d ago

Also, the author's claim that devs have only 2 years before current resolutions start to feel like "standard def" is just plain stupid.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891547d ago

Personally I think 1080p is here to stay as the norm HD for 5 years atleast. Tv makers really dropped the ball when they overshot 1440p and 1600p all the way up to 4k res. 1. satellite/cable still can't play 1080p 2. No media is really native 4k and upconverting games to 4k causes severe input lag. 4k was just to bold of a jump it is a waste to get 4k considering in takes 2-3 780ti/titans to run pc games at a reasonable FPS in 4k res. not to mention the 4k is Not MST. Better off just getting 60inch curved OLED(aka new plasma) 1080p screen on sale. Completely baffled me that the media thought it was smart to jump all the way to 4k and skip 1440p. Big mistake.

XiSasukeUchiha1548d ago

Agreed, the price point of Xbone is totally wrong,even $380 seems better than $400 MS is a rich company they certainly afford to do this, but MS is too greedy to not put the price down!

Illusive_Man1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

We have yet to see actual gameplay of Uncharted 4. We saw an in-engine clip with a small scene and great closeup of the Nathan. It should look very detailed but in no way is it representative of how the final game will look during actual play.

By the way why does no one ever mention the PS4 OS and UI shortcomings? The X1 OS and UI handily outclasses it in nearly every way, has far more apps, and is updated monthly. This is one major reason why I prefer to play on XB1 as opposed to PS4 (they both look good) due to having a better surrounding ecosystem (quick resume, quick switch, snap, chat, smartglass)even though the PS4 version looks slightly better. When was the last significant PS4 Firmware update? How many people are still crying for a Youtube, MP3 app, and simple stuff like real pause/resume for games?

Utalkin2me1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )


Again this goes back to the shortcomings of the Xbox1 in graphical power. You can have all your media apps and such, which me personally i could care less for. I have so many things as it is now to access YouTube etc. And stuff related to gaming far as features and such has me more interested then media BS.

At the end of the day, what i want out of a console is the best (running/looking) games in general and features for gaming.

Rachel_Alucard1548d ago

I should post this as a general comment so we can clear this up. But ND did in fact confirm that U4 trailer was in game running on a PS4. Furthermore, all future ND titles will now have their cutscenes run within the game itself rather than through prerendered video, that is if the game even has cutscenes

LamerTamer1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Why don't we mention the PS4 OS? Maybe we DON'T CARE! I play games, not UIs. The PS4 outclasses the X1 UI in the one way that matters, less overhead for better running games. All I see of the UI is to select the game I want to play, that is like 5 seconds or less. All of the UI A.D.D. snap app crap bloat is just overhead and part of the reason bone games run at a lower resolution and/or framerate. It is not worth a graphics downgrade for everything just for a fancy UI. Games first, not gimmicks. I can run You tube and MP3s on everything from my toaster to my watch, don't care, I can't spit and not hit a device that runs "apps". I will take the better looking PS4 games over another YouTube player.

Then again they can always change the UI of the PS4, but they can't change the Xbone weaker hardware.

Also frequent updates probably just means the Bone has more bugs, and/or they are still doing 180s to make it like the PS4 (DRM, diskinect).


That trailer was not in "game". It was a cutscene with no gameplay. Yes it was rendered in engine on the hardware(different than game) but was just a script, IE: no AI, game code, physics, controller input, etc. There is a difference.

snookiegamer1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )


I see you live on the 'Hope and Wish' system...

You 'Hope' Uncharted 4 doesn't look that good throughout, and you 'Wish' people really cared PS4 was pretending to be the Media Box that Xbox One is.

Seriously, is your Xbox One vs PS4 power thing so weak, that you and others have to 'Reeeach' for the X1 has more Apps, Firmware and Media Functions than PS4 argument???

LMAO....The difference is, Sony made a Gaming Console that has media options, and MS made a Media Box that has gaming options. Your pathetic argument dies by the minute.

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mrpsychoticstalker1548d ago

It really doesn't look better than Ryse.

PeaSFor1548d ago

oh look, someone who never played InFamous:ss.

randomass1711548d ago

Ryse looks alright and InFamous has its pretty and ugly side to it. Someone wrote a pretty good blog talking about how some distant objects in the city looked really ugly while the main portion of the game had a lot more visual flare. It's all subjective at the end of the day IMO.

GW2121548d ago

I own both. Yes it does. Looks materially better in my opinion.

Septic1548d ago

Lmao at NextLevel's selection of pics!!! First link is for Quantum Break.

Its official. Maria Helfutura is back!

DLConspiracy1548d ago

The problem I encountered with Ryse. Is that it looked beautiful but the Frames were really bad. Generally I can deal with a 3rd person game with 30 fps but this seemed blurry every time I turned the camera to look. I dealt with it and it didn't really help the game be more fun, but it was an issue for me.

XxExacutionerxX1548d ago

I've played and beat both Ryse and InFamous Second Son. I think that Infamous SS was a better game than Ryse. Ryse was a better looking game than Infamous SS. Not by much, Infamous is an Open World Action Game and Ryse is a QTE 300 Spartan Arcade Game.

marcofdeath1548d ago

Did you notice that Infamous never looks that good with more than one character on screen.
Go over all of them there's only one character one screen.....

Christopher1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )


Sorry, couldn't hear you over the fact that inFamous graphics don't load differently based on the number of people on screen.

jackdaniels1548d ago

@next level - you've got the wrong pictures referenced dude one is for QB LOL.

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Christopher1548d ago

I can't speak on the Xbox One as I've only ever played Ryse on it, but if they keep putting out stuff as it is now, I'm happy with that.

I own a gaming PC, I just prefer to force myself away from my PC so I don't end up working and my PS4/PS3 more than make me happy.

I get off talking about technical stuff, but I'm perfectly happy with 1080p30fps stuff that looks as good as it does now and will improve over time.

I'm even fine with this generation lasting another 7-8 years with this level of detail. At least I know they'd have to focus more on actual gameplay once all the big companies get graphics optimized and pretty much maxed out on current consoles.

SpinalRemains1381548d ago

I agree. Its not a deal breaker, but its more of a a let down.

Of course the Xbox One players will enjoy their games just as much as anyone else. The thing is, for the money and buying new tech, you want the best available on a console.

Xbox One does not provide that.

randomass1711548d ago

Power to ya! I am totally cool with 1080p30fps as well if the game plays fine. My preference usually lies in 60fps though, so I'm okay with whatever the resolution as long as the game runs smoothly.

papashango1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

you guys are what's holding back progression. back in 2000 I would do whatever it took to reach 75+fps for a smooth experience. cutting resolution was no exception.

That mindset hasn't changed. Of course it's a lot easier when you have good hardware.

here we are more than 14 years later and gamers (mostly console) are still content with 30fps.

Christopher1548d ago

***you guys are what's holding back progression.***

Consoles and handhelds running at 30fps or lower are what made video games expand to the mass market and take off along the lines of music and movies. They are why gaming is where it is now.

I agree that PCs are where the technological advances are, but to say that 30fps is bad for gaming is just elitism. Nor is a higher framerate a true progression of the medium. That progression is in regards to new technology (motion, VR, network, software, hardware shrinkage and advancement, etc.) and not to matching a set fps goal dictated by a very small portion of the gaming market.

With that logic, we should all be playing games on 4k monitors at 120fps and 1ms refresh rates. I mean, that's where PCs and hardware are easily at right now. But, that's now how things work. Your mass market approaches the achievable goal w/o effort or high (or regular) costs associated with hardware.

Again, 60fps isn't progression. We can play all games at 60fps. But, if we did that, PC elitists would just move on to the next field goal of how consoles aren't able to match up to the overall potential of the PC.

You want your cake and to eat it as well, get a PC. That's why it's there. Consoles are not there to meet the demands of PC gamers, they're there to meet the desires of the mass market.

marcofdeath1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

So like i said no more on screen than 8 max, and lower detail, most of the time it's 6 NPCs V.S. SODs 80+. How is that a win?

Christopher1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )


You first said "Did you notice that Infamous never looks that good with more than one character on screen. "

I show screenshots with multiple enemies on screen proving otherwise and without any loss in detail.

You then say "So like i said no more on screen than 8 max, and lower detail, most of the time it's 6 NPCs V.S. SODs 80+. How is that a win?"

Not only are you moving the goal post and changing what you originally said to suit your needs, you're also wrong. I mean, there are hundreds of zombies on screen at once in DR3. Forget that it's no way at all comparable to SS in regards to graphics and runs at 720p. Now we're going to go ahead comparing it to a game that isn't even out yet and is confirmed to run at 900p instead of 1080p. Let alone what are the polycounts on those opponents on screen? What tech is used (lighting, shadows, particle effects, reflections, etc.).

I ask that you just stop. Please.

papashango1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

"With that logic, we should all be playing games on 4k monitors at 120fps and 1ms refresh rates"

with that logic you should be voicing your concerns about having to accept what was standard more than 10 years ago instead of willingly having it spoon fed to you while you clap your hands asking for more.

the more people that voice their concerns the more chance you don't get another gen like we just ran into. there was next to no progression hardware wise.

Also, just because your eyes can't see up to 60fps doesn't mean other people should suffer with you. It's really not elitism.

Christopher1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

@papashango: lol, 1080p60fps hasn't been the standard on PC for even close to that long. I think your definition of "standard" ignores the most common PC set-ups and how people play games (hint: it's not on low settings).

***Also, just because your eyes can't see up to 60fps doesn't mean other people should suffer with you. It's really not elitism.***

It really is elitism.

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gamer11381548d ago

Two completely different games. Quantum Break will have destructible environments and objects breaking apart and coming back together using the time manipulation gameplay. I also think what we've seen of quantum break is closer to approaching gameplay than the uncharted teaser. Apparently quantum break is also using some really advanced psychics software so I guess we'll have to wait and see. Way too early to be making the claims you're making.

droc11231548d ago

@gamer1138... Sorry but I have to respectfully disagree, it is not too early to compare uncharted 4 with quantum break. Using both developers track record for games, naughty dog has repeatedly impressed us game after game while remedy has fallen short with there games as of recently in my opinion. So to say uc4 will surpass quantum break is by no means a stretch of the imagination.

user56695101548d ago

how you know U$ is going to be 1080p they said they are targeting 60fps. so if they acheive that but have to render lower than 1080p you are going to be eating your words. ps4 does have what it needs to stay on top..... of xbone, not technology. new gfx effect comes out who says consoles will be able to handle them. realize a lot of gfx effexts yall are drooling over been out for the longest. yes those gfx effect yall acted like yall couldnt see last gen.

ScareFactor1548d ago


Uncharted was a teaser trailer was it not? Yes they said it was running in engine but will it look that good? I doubt it. It will look amazing but don't get your hopes up for the quality in the "teaser"

Ryse and Infamous are basically equal when it comes to graphics

I bet you Quantum Break runs at 1080p 60fps (hopefully)

The only thing that is ridiculous is you and your fanboyism


PS4 has a more powerful GPU
XB1 has a Faster GPU
XB1 has a Faster and More Powerful CPU
PS4 has Faster RAM Bandwidth
XB1 has 500mb more RAM than PS4 has for gaming
XB1 has 4 Move Engines as Pipelines
PS4 has more ROP's (Bandwidth Pipelines on GPU)
XB1 has it's own Sound Processor
Point is PS4 is more powerful, DUH, But not as much as most of you seem to believe ;)

KinjoTakemura1548d ago

The Xbox One has a 12 compute unit GPU vs PS4 with 18 compute unit GPU. That's a 33% difference.

The difference is more than you think.

imt5581548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Wait, GUTZnPAPERCUTZ, what???? Let get this right :

"PS4 has a more powerful GPU" ( 100% CORRECT )

"XB1 has a Faster GPU" ( 53 MHz more! ROFLMAO! That doesn't work like that, dude )

"XB1 has a Faster and More Powerful CPU"

Let see : Substance Engine benchmark implies PS4 CPU is faster than Xbox One's

Developer [email protected] who works on both console :

Yes, you can get more out of the PS4′s CPU than you can the Xbox’s.

"PS4 has Faster RAM Bandwidth" ( 100% CORRECT )

"XB1 has 500mb more RAM than PS4 has for gaming" ( in future both consoles will have less memory footprint for OS and both console have 8 GB main memory, PS4 has for now 4.5 GB for games and 500 MB of "flexible memory" if needed and Xbone also use 5 GB for games for now ).

"XB1 has 4 Move Engines as Pipelines" ( And???? )

"PS4 has more ROP's (Bandwidth Pipelines on GPU)" - in addition : more CU's, more ALU's etc :

Xbone: 1.31 TF GPU (12 CUs) for games -56% less
Xbone: 768 Shaders -50.5% less
Xbone: 48 Texture units -50% less
Xbone: 16 ROPS -100% less
Xbone: 2 ACE/ 16 queues -400% less
Xbone: 13.65GPixels/s -88% less
Xb1: 40.90GTexels/s -40% less

PS4: 1.84TF GPU ( 18 CUs) for games +56% more
PS4: 1152 Shaders +50.5%
PS4: 72 Texture units +50%
PS4: 32 ROPS + 100%
PS4: 8 ACE/64 queues 400%
PS4: 25.60GPixels/s +88%
PS4: 57.60GTexels/s +40%

"XB1 has it's own Sound Processor" ( PS4 has IT'S OWN SOUND PROCESSOR TOO ) :

Point is PS4 is more powerful and the gap is much wider than you think! PS4 has full hUMA support, fine grain compute possibilities, GPGPU compute possibilities and it's a future of programming on PS4 and PC.

God damn, you wrote a lot of bullshit here. I will bookmark this thread just in case.

marcofdeath1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

"PS4 has a more powerful GPU"
"XB1 has a Faster GPU"
"XB1 has a Faster and More Powerful CPU"

"PS4 has Faster RAM Bandwidth"

This is SONY'S own PDF page 13.

PS4 BW is max 135GB/s to 140GB/s real world. PEAK is 176GB/s.

XB1 BW is 200GB system wide real world, Peak is 286GB/s.
256bit x 4(8MB)x 853MHz / 8 = 109184 read + 109184 write = 218GB/s PECK.
64bit x 4(2MB) x 2133MHz / 8 = 68256
"XB1 has 500mb more RAM than PS4 has for gaming"
"XB1 has 4 Move Engines as Pipelines"
"PS4 has more ROP's (Bandwidth Pipelines on GPU"
"XB1 has it's own Sound Processor

The only thing more powerful is the GPU and nothing else..


It's the biggest gap graphically between 2 competitors launching practically at the same time in OVER A DECADE. Please go damage control and flat out LIE somewhere else. The differences are 50% and in some cases more between the games thus far. Deny it lie about it ignore it but it still remains okay. The differences last gen with the ps360 were truly marginal with ps3 exclusives looking better than the 360 exclusives everytime and oh that's was a big deal to xbots the world over multi plats objectively playing better and at times looking better on the 360 too. Now that it's decidedly in the PS4'S favor both resolution and better running games all the sudden it's oh shyt let's move da goal posts guyz says xbots all the sudden it doesn't matter anymore. Funny how that works isn't it. Hypocrisy at its finest xbox guys keep the damage control up ya'll do need it because the words out on the X1 being the second rated machine and the numbers support that fact.

imt5581548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )


Quote :

PS4 BW is max 135GB/s to 140GB/s real world. PEAK is 176GB/s.

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty Dev On PS4′s 8GB GDDR5 RAM: “Fact That Memory Operates at 172GB/s is Amazing”

You ( just like GUTZnPAPERCUTZ ) wrote some bullshit here. You are BANNED from Digital Foundry, right?

Quote :

"..XB1 BW is 200GB system wide real world, Peak is 286GB/s.

Andrew Goossen:

yes you can - there are actually a lot more individual blocks that comprise the whole ESRAM so you can talk to those in parallel. Of course if you're hitting the same area over and over and over again, you don't get to spread out your bandwidth and so that's one of the reasons why in real testing you get 140-150GB

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headblackman1548d ago

quantum break showed actual gameplay. all uncharted showed was a cut scene that will end up being just like the killzone cut scene when it was first announced on the ps3 (decent, but no where near what the cut scene displayed). so how in the world can you compare the two??? wait until you have some actual evidence of what the game will look like in actual practice before you start spewing off at the mouth about a comparison of a game or a console. you're naive or fanboy bitten if you really believed that what sony showed on uncharted 4 was actual game footage and how the game would actually look when playing it. don't do that to yourself sir!


droc11231548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Naughty dog always uses cutscenes in their reveal trailer and the game always ends up being identical or dare you doubt the great naughty dog developers, shame on you!!! Don't do it to yourself!!!

You say game on... It was never off my friend.

1548d ago
KinjoTakemura1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

People are disagreeing with you, but if they really think about what you're saying, it makes sense.

Open world, high performance graphics in Infamous vs linear gameplay, high performance graphics in Ryse.

Open world games are generally, more taxing on hardware than linear games. If those reading this agree with the previous statement, then you must concede that Infamous is doing more in terms of free movement, particle effects, and in game physics than Ryse. Logically speaking. There in lies the simple truth.

maniacmayhem1548d ago

I'm convinced that Next_Level is either Maria or DedicatedtoGamers. The similarities are just to spot on.

harrisk9541548d ago

The article only gives XB1 examples because there have not been any PS4 examples when you compare the 2 current gen consoles...

"It's not just the Xbox One that's hampered by too little horsepower. While Sony's PlayStation 4 does have beefier hardware, it's still running into similar issues, just less frequently."

The article calls out both the PS4 and XB1, but it looks like it is just for the purpose of being even-handed and provides no real world examples other than the Witcher 2 being 30 fps on both systems. Even then,though, it runs at 1080p on the PS4 and that it will be 900p on the XB1, although they "are trying to get up to 1080p on the XB1"

Regardless, if you have a choice between the XB1 and PS4, why would you not go with the one that has the higher resolution?

Jojo09031548d ago

I don't think they confirmed 1080 60fps for uncharted. I could be wrong but I thought they said that was there target but did not confirm yet. I hope they can pull it off but neither system has put out a game yet that looks as good as ryse or infamous and runs 60fps. I think ryse looks better than infamous but that's my opinion. Infamous is a better game though. I hope they can pull off 60fps but won't believe it can look that good and run 60fps until I see it. I've never played any of the uncharted games,are they open world? If they are I do think we will see 60fps.