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hates1554d ago

Is this game worth purchasing? I've never played its predecessor.

TheDude791554d ago

I never played Metro 2033 (I've heard it's a great game), but I have played Metro Last Light and it was a really good game. I'll be picking this up for sure.

Adexus1554d ago

2033 is brilliant, though I did prefer Last Light.

hates1554d ago

Thx for the input. I was kind of on the fence about it. I've looked at reviews, but website or mag reviews only go so far imo. I generally get a player feel for it before I buy something I won't play and waste space. Its no that I'm limited, but I have just about every system dating back to an nes on my entertainment center and I play them all on a regular basis.

TheMapleNerd1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

The Metro series is some of the best games this/past gen for sure :).

porkChop1554d ago

Metro Redux is both of the Metro games in one package. So if you haven't played them yet that's a good thing lol.

Mr Tretton1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

"Metro Redux is both of the Metro games in one package."

No it isn't.

edit: I take that back, the boxed version has both.

M1ST4K31553d ago

Is kinda like a Witcher 1 -> Witcher 2 situation (though not so different mechanics / graphics between metros).

Metro 2033 is a great game story-wise but the shooting felt awkward to me (but very playable, not bad at all). Metro Last Light fixes the shooting (one of the best shooting games I played last year) and on top of that gives you a great story with a lot of content and great graphics. Def worth playing

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jnemesh1554d ago

Ah...this year is going to be hard on my wallet! Picking this up day one...I have been wanting to play both games, and getting both for $60 (and having been totally remastered) is too good to pass up!

hates1554d ago

I've got almost 15 games on pre-order between my PS4 and my X1. I can't imagine how hard it is on the people who are constrained by lack of funds.

Meltic1554d ago

lol august bad month. Wont buy this. Other good titles coming. Why not realese this game this month instead with no good games coming ?. Bad move Bad move...

Hazmat131554d ago

This is a must. 2 games and all the add on. Fantastic single player. Looks like I'm losiing all my money in Venice again. Haha

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