What's brewing at Sony? 191 job listings appear on LinkedIn

Sony is on a mass recruitment drive posting 191 jobs on LinkedIn.

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NextLevel1638d ago

It looks to be PS Now related.

Eonjay1638d ago

Hmm very interesting. Seems like they are expanding in their best areas. Makes sense. Also, you will find a lot of jobs are focused in areas around improving network stability, reliability and automation.

jonnyvito1638d ago

It can only be good news for us all. Stability is something that we all want with PlayStation Now.

Mikelarry1638d ago

bah and not 1 of them is a role i am looking for, ahwell

SuperBlunt1638d ago

hopefully a new software team so we can get some firmware updates. im sick and tired of hearing people piss and moan about it

Spotie1638d ago

Given how they all bitched about them being too frequent on PS3, isn't it odd? Especially when you add in the XB1 now has that frequency, and is generally praised for it.

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