Cult of Call Of Duty: A Franchise For The Unhinged?

Businesses are cropping up left right and centre to push unnecessary twaddle on the millions of players whose brains must surely be lacking some vital components - Writes PridedLlama

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UglyGeezer1636d ago

I've always found those sorts of people weird to be honest.

AllAboutGaming1636d ago

Call of Duty has been great in past years. I'm hoping it can be great again.

Chapter111636d ago

Ain't notin' rong wif fightin' the turrorists fore hour FREEDOM ths hur is MURICA!

MrGunny941636d ago

I have hope for Advanced Warfare.. a whole new team.. It's neither IW or Treyarch.. So let's see.

Plus it took them 3 years to develop it... according to them at least...

MysticStrummer1636d ago

"Unhinged" is a bit harsh. CoD fans just like what they like. I don't understand it, but all of us like something that someone else doesn't. I don't like the futuristic direction this next CoD is taking so I won't be playing it even if there are zombies, which have become the sole reason I buy CoD since World at War. To me CoD should be set within either modern or historical wars and battles, even if it takes a very unrealistic Michael Bay like route while doing it.

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