Areal – The “Definitive” Spiritual Successor to STALKER Announced, Kickstarter Begins Today

OnlySP: There have been a lot of “spiritual successors” to the STALKER franchise, such as the Metro series and the upcoming Suvarium MMO that is currently in production. However, the newly formed indie studio, West Games, hopes to make the best one yet. Comprised of a number of ex-STALKER and Metro developers, West Games is looking to finally bring that spiritual successor you’ve all been waiting for to fruition with Areal.

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AllAboutGaming1482d ago

Finally! This is one of the few Kickstarters that I have or will back.

theshredded1482d ago

I really hope it achieves all its goals,these devs deserve it

Lon3wolf1482d ago

They certainly do, Stalker being being at the top (along with another select few)of my favourite games/franchises. Backed this just now, can't wait until next year now though.

Neonridr1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

The title says it begins today (the 24th), then the last line of the article says the 26th.. :P

EDIT - it has been changed..

That being said, happy to see the devs give the Wii U some love. Especially after one of the Metro Devs put down the Wii U and said it couldn't handle the Metro games.

PockyKing1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

It starts today. I've updated that line like 5 times now ha, dunno how it keeps reverting. 10 AM PST to be exact.

Neonridr1482d ago

cool, then I will be one of the first backers at 1 PM EST.. :P

thanks for the info.

Dewitt1482d ago

Definitely backed, this sounds amazing!

Lon3wolf1482d ago

If you're a PC gamer and have not checked the Stalker series it is highly recommended.

Dewitt1482d ago

I put 90 plus hours into Stalker and the expansions.

Lon3wolf1482d ago

Cool, I still have the original collectors edition tin from the first release , I have bought it digitally since then though. One of the most atmospheric games I have played.

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