“Wii U Has the Best Games by Far” – Interview with’s Mike Matei

Mike Matei of Video Game Nerd fame takes on a candid interview with Nintendo Enthusiast to get his life story, his impressions on current gaming, and much more. This is a can't miss read for fans of Cinemassacre and Angry Video Game Nerd!

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NextLevel1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

The Wii U's 1st party has been solid in 2014 without a doubt. They convinced me to get one in 2015, when a few more titles like Zelda are available.

rdgneoz31633d ago

Ninetendo's always had a solid first party throughout the generations. Only problem has been their 3rd party support. The WiiU is missing a ton of multiplats coming out in the next 6 months (Destiny, Evolve, Witcher 3, Dark Knight, Far Cry 4, etc.), and some that they do get have been delayed several months after the competition gets it (ie Watch Dogs) or delayed to release with the competition (ie Rayman Legends).

Loadedklip1633d ago

Lack of Third party content is the Wii U's (and generally any Nintendo home console's) biggest problem.

It's first party content is still the best.

Want proof? They survive and sometimes even thrive without the help of third parties.

I don't think there is another publisher that can carry a system by themselves the way Nintendo has for almost 4 generations of bad to outright terrible third party support now.

That is an amazing feat.

wonderfulmonkeyman1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

But none of those upcoming games like Far Cry, etc, would sell on the wii u, and the reason for that is simply because they're available elsewhere, and because AAA's now have a bad reputation of doing ports horribly wrong on the wii u.
The proof of it is in the sales of games like CoD: ghosts.
AAA multiplatform titles won't help the wii u right now because too many of them are of bad quality.
They need exclusives from the AAA's.
Otherwise they'd be better off relying on Indies and great games like Shovel Knight and Mighty No. 9.

PeaSFor1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Nintendo wont get me on nostalgia alone, it take more than that to get my interest, regurgitating the same old ip over and over aand over again wont do it for me, sure a new starfox/zelda/mario/metroid can be cool, but the lack of creativity and always playing it safe just stop me from getting a wii u, nintendo created awesome character like kirby, samus, link, dk...but now they always rely on old stuff & nostalgia instead of taking risks at creating brand new ip.

Loyal nintendo fans will disagree with me, but thats just me, they can rub their nipples with peach figurine if they want, but it wont change the fact that nintendo rely way too much on peoples nostalgia.

Chrischi19881633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

That you guys always come with nostalgia. Nintendo offers the best gameplay and gameplay has nothing to do with nostalgia. You say this stuff, because you are to afraid that you could like it. You probably didnt even try it, always saying, they dont get me on nostalgia, just to not try it at least, because you would feel stupid for bashing the Wii U the whole time and then actually liking its games.

PeaSFor1633d ago

Chrischi1988 are you trying to convince yourself or something?

Chrischi19881632d ago

No, I am not trying to convince myself^^

I am trying to say, how stupid your comment was and exaggerate it a bit.

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randomass1711633d ago

I was a tad more convinced this year. I got mine in preparation of the games coming out this year as well as next. No way I ain't getting Smash day one. :D

3-4-51633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Could Sony survive on JUST Sony Titles ?

Could Microsoft survive on JUST Microsoft IP's ?

It's kind of impressive considering what they are up against, and what they somewhat did to themselves in terms of handicapping the graphics.

* As long as they keep games having distinct appealing Art Styles rather than going for realism, they will continue to make memorable games that stand the test of time.

Chrischi19881633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Nothing against what you said, I agree. The only thing what I think is funny (not saying you do so) is, that people always say, I dont buy it for 1 game, but actually it offers more AAA than the other 8th gen systems. It is not 1 game anymore. Then there are the people who say they wait for good games to come, otherwise it wouldnt be smart to get one, I agree with that, but what I dont get is, why all the PS fans do the exact opposite... they buy a system for the hope of good future 3rd party support, not for already available games... weird...

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herobyclicking1633d ago

It definitely has the best games that prey upon my nostalgia. Luckily they are also pretty darn fun.

porkChop1633d ago

The Wii U does have some really great games and I will pick one up when it hits a price I'm more comfortable with. Definitely gonna pick up any Zelda games, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Donkey Kong.

Jay70sgamer1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

I respect your opinion and this isn't directed only at you.... ...but I'm curious what would be a price that you are comfortable with can get a refurbished wii u for 200$ from nintendo themselves.....I ask this because people make excuses as to why they won't buy a wii u because of the price but it's only 200 dollars ..the wii was 250 when it first came out so I'm wondering what people think is a reasonable price when you can purchase it for 200 dollars .... I just think at times people make excuses and never have any intentions of buying a wii u in the first place and use that as an excuse's the same people that keep saying I'll buy a wii u when super mario 3d world comes out then changes it to when donkey kong comes out then mario kart now Super Smash the when that comes out Zelda U lol when they never intended on buying a wii u in the first place ....just saying .....gamers today are so funny with their fanboy agenda lol

porkChop1633d ago

I get what you're saying and it's a fair point. $200 isn't too bad, but I'd only be buying the system for some of the Nintendo games. Right now I'd only buy Zelda, Xenoblade X, and Donkey Kong. 2 of those games aren't even out yet. I do really want to play those games but they're not worth an additional $200 investment, at least not for me. Right now I would buy the system at $150, which will probably happen on Boxing Day this year.

BoneBone1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Yeah, $99 isn't happening soon, so I'd invest in some wallet moth repellent if I were you and protect that dollar bill you've had in there since 1986 when you promised you'd save it to spend on your first date.

rdgneoz31633d ago

@PorkChop No one wants to play with his bone?

randomass1711633d ago

Bone, he wasn't knocking the price tag. He said he was just waiting for a price he was comfortable with, which is exactly what I did when I got mine. That's a totally valid opinion as oppose to needlessly demanding the console get a $200 price drop. Your immature rebuttal was not necessary at all.

Jay70sgamer1633d ago

Porkchop you didn't answer my question what is the price point you are looking for to purchase a wii u I'm curious

deafdani1633d ago

Uh, yeah... Wii U ain't hitting the $150 mark this year. That will happen closer to the end of its life.

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edqe1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

"I think because the SNES vs. SEGA war was the first of its kind. That was the first time gamers were ever arguing over which system was better."

I'm quite sure that wasn't first the time. Amiga 500 vs Atari ST was quite heated as well - of course those computers were not just for gaming.

It would have been interesting to know how he likes more complex games; Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, Crusader Kings, 4X games, etc.

sonic9891633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

i had the atari even though i wasnt born at the time of its release but i had it ( didnt play on it too much ) .
but at that time the best console i had and really wanted to get was the Genesis Sonic looked so epic that it just blew my mind .
i remember at that time when anyone mentions mario i would right away tell them did you see Sonic .
OLD days i am happy to have those memories , now i love Sony because they respect every genre and they offer something for every gamer also i like their franchises , wasnt a big fan of nintendo and microsoft looked very PC like to me and shooter centric which also i dont like .
so Sony was the Best option for me and glad that i made this choice .

edqe1633d ago

"... and they offer something for every gamer ..."

I don't think that is quite true. The problem with consoles to me is that they are lacking of many genres; RTS, 4X, simulation games, grand strategy, etc.

PC has had always games from very wide range of genres as it has today. Sure, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, etc. has been huge titles.

sonic9891633d ago

@ edqe
i agree with you on this point .
but what i meant is for me i never enjoyed pc gaming or games on PC even the PC franchises werent something i would play .
i always been a console guy so for consoles Sony is the choice they offer the widest range of genres i mean look at the PS2 DAT ( console ) LINEUP

Nevers0ft1633d ago

Speaking as somebody who worked on Amiga and ST arcade ports for US Gold back in the 90s, I can assure you it was the Amiga simply on the merit of it's chipset (although I'm sure you already know). Even though the CPU wasn't clocked *quite* as high as the ST, the coprocessors more than picked up the slack :)

sonic9891633d ago

the guy seems like he doesnt have a PS4 .
he only spoke about Xbox and Wii and assumed that the PS3 and PS4 are the same as Xbox360 and Xbox one .
anyway yeah nintendo showcased a great lineup ( smash was epic and splatoon looked fun ) but we knew they will, the thing came one year earlier ( before X1 and PS4 ) so they must have had projects in the works .
i say give Sony another year and we will see their strength like in the PS2 era .

GryestOfBluSkies1633d ago

im pretty sure you're right. i watch many of their videos on cinemassacre, and hes only ever mentioned wii u and xbox one when they talk about new consoles. however, they are such nintendo die hards that even if he did have a ps4, he'd still be saying the same thing about wii u

sonic9891633d ago

i cant blame them because i am a die hard Sony fan and Sega back in the day .
everyone can like what he wants he must be fair to the others .
nintendo had a great E3 yes of course .
but FOR ME if you give Sonic, virtua fighter , ratchet , sly cooper ( cough crash bandicoot ) i will take that over mario or any other franchise for the matter .
so its their choice and i respect it but he must give the PS4 its distinctive look because PS4 /= xbox one and PS3 /= Xbox 360 ( not in a bad way of course just that they are different ).

DoctorJones1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Sly Cooper is boring, seriously. Ratchet was great, but the other games? Nah.

And none of them were better than Marios best games. The Galaxy games and Super Mario 3D World take a large dump on those other games.

EDIT:IMO of course. Oh, they happen to be the opinion of a lot of people as well.

sonic9891633d ago

different people different opinions .
i still cant find anything special about mario because Sonic as character and sly cooper as a character are far better than him as a character .
i like the attitude of characters i think you figured that out thats why i loved Sonic in the first place .
btw thats my opinion agree or disagree that wont change anything

Spotie1632d ago

@DoctorJones: And a lot of people have an opinion different from yours and those that agree with you.

To me, Mario is fun in brief spurts, but it's never been a franchise that could hold my attention for more than an hour or two a week, if that.

But let's disregard that those opinions exist, because their existence is inconvenient for the point you're trying to make.

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