AMD Planning A New Beast R9 295X/XT

AMD is progressing to unleash associate degree forthcoming enthusiast-class graphics card running on the new Hawaii XTX GPU, designed to vie with Nvidia's current and forthcoming prime tiers of graphics cards.

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GTXZME1634d ago

Yeah it is beautiful and powerful.

1634d ago
Magicite1634d ago

AMD will show to Nvidia where does Devil live!

TheMapleNerd1634d ago

Damn that sounds power hungry...

Dlacy13g1634d ago

Keepin up with the Jones's.

cellmember1634d ago

AMD cards will always be chasing nvidia. Even amd optimised games like bf4 run better on nvidia.

Vegamyster1634d ago

AMD is priced more competitively than Nvidia.

Dasteru1634d ago

AMD has been known to price high also when they can get away with it. The last couple GPU gens they have been late launching vs Nvidia and have been underperforming, so they had to keep the prices lower. A few months ago the R9 290x was going for over $900. At the same time you could get the slightly better performing GTX 780 for $700.

LAWSON721634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )


Perhaps you are not with the times because the GTX 780 has been $500 since Oct-Nov and the mine rush has been dead for more than a couple months (prices have been back to MSRP since like beginning of March)besides for always being behind Nvidia the R9 290 vs the GTX 780 for $100 more would like to have a word. The R9 290 is $100 cheaper and better, while the GTX 770 4GB for like $380 is flat out destroyed by the the R9 290. Nvidia got the most powerful single GPU but once again they have the lost the competitive edge in pretty much every price tier except the $700+ one. Perhaps maxwell can do something because right now the only stand out cards are the GTX 750Ti (not better than its competitor the R9 265 but that power usage) and the 780ti

Vegamyster1633d ago


The reason those cards along with a few others were high in price was due to Bitcoin miners buying all of them, they were in low stock for quite sometime.

ABizzel11634d ago

Let's not argue gentlemen.

NVIDIA: Generally better performance in the high range, significantly better cooling, and less power consumption.

AMD: Generally better prices (especially in the high range), better to price to performance ratios (especially in the mid range), and currently powering all 3 consoles.

If you want good gaming performance at a super low price, then AMD's APUs are a great option (Trinity and newer).

If you need low power consumption and TDP with great performance, then Intel + NVIDIA is your go to (i3 / i5 + 750 Ti, can't be beat for great performance, with insignificant power drain).

If you need a lot of power at an affordable price then AMD is you best option. The R9 270, 280, and 290 are great cards, price extremely well compared to their NVIDIA rivals.

If you want the best performance possible on a single GPU then NVIDIA is generally it, and the 780 Ti is the best bet for gaming right now.

If you don't mind Dual Graphics, then the best bet is really 2x 780s price and performance, or the R9 295 AMD best option thanks to better cooling.

--bienio--1634d ago

With one is beter?? Asus strix gtx780 6gb or gtx 780ti???

MWH1634d ago

helpful information for many, thanks for your time.

ABizzel11632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )


It really depends on what you're trying to do. The 780Ti should still be the better card in most conditions. However, the 780 is better if you're trying to use a ton of mods (Skyrim), using editing programs (although Titan would probably be better), or if you're planning on using the 780 in SLI with another one later, but even then 6GB is a lot (except for the SIL set-up).

It just depends on what you're trying to do (1080p @ 60fps, 2k, or 4k gaming?). My recommendation is to wait until the end of the year to see what changes Maxwell brings. If it's a big jump then Maxwell might be the option you want, if it's not a big jump then you might be able to catch a deal on the 780 / 780 Ti for the holidays especially if Maxwell launched by then.


Thank you.

OpinionSmasher1634d ago

AMD is sadly just being stupid all they are doing is flexing their muscles of how powerful they can be. This seems to me just to be a waste of time and funds. Plus not that many people rush out and buy these behemoths of cards cause they cost a fucking fortune. AMD is just being stupid in making the lack luster R9 series last longer, in my mind the most beneficial way to advance their cards would be to work on the new cores that are cheaper and much more powerful like nvidia is doing right now. And yes for the time being these monster will be a benchmark buster but soon Nvidia will destroy it with the new maxwell cores.

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