Microsoft Still has a Kinect Problem

After all the money and the hype, Microsoft finds themselves stuck with a peripheral no one seems to like very much.

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NextLevel1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Yeah they do. No one wants it, cause it doesn't work properly. Now they have to send out saviour Phil and have him pretend they're still going to support it.

"My son and I sit there saying random things at it, and it doesn't work." - Peter Molyneux

XiSasukeUchiha1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Thank you (Crying like Might Guy).


I love how Xbox fans are also hypocrites hating on PS4, if you guys don't like it, and stop talking it, and play your Xbox 1s oh I forget both sides are hypocrites jeez. Hashirama: Geez every single generation their war no matter what *Facepalm*.

denawayne1518d ago

Kinect works fine for me

zeusky1517d ago

kinect works much more than fine for me

MorePowerOfGreen1518d ago

It just amazes me that PS fans are so envious and hateful over Kinect that they have actually influenced mindshare and media talking points and even MS strategy. Instead of spending so much time on XB1 you guys should try to get Sony to deliver on more than hype.

Arkardo1518d ago

They'll spend the same amount of time you spend bashing Ps4 articles and preaching nonsense about Cloud, Dx12, secret sauce.

You should try to get MS to deliver on more than "ULTRA-HYPE"

Eonjay1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

No one is envious of Kinect. No one. Do you really think Microsoft's strategy was influenced by fanboys (PS4 or XBO) on N4G? No way! They ditched that camera and probably want to send it back to the hell hole from which Don Mattrick summoned it.

kayoss1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Chooka chooka choo choo... Welcome to the Xbox one Hype train...All aboard. Ladies and gentlemen we are about to leave the "Kinect" station. Next stop will be the Cloud.

"...get Sony to deliver on more than hype.". Its funny you said this, because didnt Microsoft promise the Cloud, Dx12, and Kinect 2.0 will be a game changer. Yet, they have not delivered on anything that they've claimed.

Bathyj1518d ago

Hey, if Ps4 fans actually influenced MS strategy you shouldn't be complaining about it, you should be dropping to your knees and thanking them. Thank your lucky stars Xbone isn't anywhere close to the machine MS wanted it to be.

SilentNegotiator1518d ago

"you guys should try to get Sony to deliver on more than hype"

Pretty ironic thing to say in a comment section regarding Kinect.

RoboticusRex1518d ago

Seriously powerofgreen you can actually say "envious of kinect" with a straight face? I lol'd.

pompombrum1517d ago

If it wasn't for Sony and their fanboys, you'd be here actually attempting to justify that DRM box sitting in your living room.

ziggurcat1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

What's actually amazing is the fact that you think that PS fans are solely responsible for the policy changes (changes that were for the better of the industry/consumers)... Because no one who owned an X360 would have *ever* been upset with the original policies or were never interested in kinect at all...

You must really love the taste of your own feet because you're perpetually putting them into your mouth. And is mindshare the new buzzword over at the delusioblog?

Chevalier1517d ago


Ironic you mention hype which was all kinect ever had. Like hype for Ryse?! Oh yeah you actually need a controller, it was nothing like their E3 demo at all.

Please name me the One single game that has proven without a doubt that it's great for games?! It's been 3 years and I have yet to see this must have kinect game that I actually can use kinect for well aside from dancing and exercise.

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Septic1518d ago

Did you just quote Peter Molyneux regarding Kinect?!

I'll let the others on here explain how ridiculous that is.

NextLevel1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

No where near ridiculous as the distance between the Milo demo and what the device actual produced, 4 years later with 2nd version of it.

Molyneux introduced it to the world, who better to quote?

Phoenix761518d ago

@nextlevel, you forgot about the "illumi-room" feature. Another big promise that fell flat.

Septic1518d ago

Illumi-room was ALWAYS a concept NOT a promise.

NextLevel1518d ago

"Illumi-room was ALWAYS a concept NOT a promise."

Sounds just like Kinect and Milo.

Septic1518d ago

"Sounds just like Kinect and Milo."

If Milo was always a concept then what's the beef?

christocolus1517d ago


You really need to ignore. Next level has been trolling xbox articles for the past few days.he also loves posting negative articles about the xbox one then he jumps in to comment first. You can check it out for yourself. Just ignore the dude and move on bro.stop wasting your time on this one.

Septic1517d ago


I know. But I'm having fun with MariaHe....NextLevel.

I do agree though that MS has 99 problems and the the Kinect is one.

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ramiuk11518d ago

the funny thing is when MS spoke about the billions of commands done on kinect,yet failed to say how many times something was repeated as it didnt get it right,or how many times people was saying [email protected]*k off xbox in anger as it wasnt picking up what they said

No_Limit1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )


LOL, you just joined 5 days ago and all 7 of the articles you had submitted is either Pro-Sony ,anti-Xbox or flame bait in nature from sites that we have never heard of. Do you know MariaHelFutura by any chance?

Eonjay1518d ago

You better hope not lol.

SilentNegotiator1518d ago

They've also posted non-stop helpful links, quotes, and information in their comments. Whoever they are, they're welcome to N4G in my book.

SilentNegotiator1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

NextLevel: So biased against Xbox, that he posts surveys favoring Xbone, articles about Microsoft making efforts to get the core gamer, Ps4 shortages, and - most damningly - an article about Order 1886 that isn't negative!
Seriously, his posting history isn't even remotely the way that you described. If he's Maria, then Maria must have gotten amnesia and forgotten how to troll.

No_Limit1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

"How are these Anti-MS?" Dude,stop playing du_b! We can see it miles away of what you are trying to do.
Microsoft: "We're Going to Try to Win That Core Gamer"

then, you would be the first one to answer your own submission with: "I love how Microsoft has now resorted to just trying to be like the Playstation 4 and how it portrayed itself to the consumers. It's so insincere, it's makes me sick."
EA Sports UFC is new UK #1
again, you would be the first one to answer your own submission with: "61% for PS4 in UK for a game with no exclusive advertisement or content is super impressive."

and in this article, you once again was the first to reply to your own submission with: "Yeah they do. No one wants it, cause it doesn't work properly. Now they have to send out saviour Phil and have him pretend they're still going to support it."

That is just a small sample of the entire 70 plus posts you have posted in 5 days and every one of them are anti-MS posts.

You post like a veteran and expect us N4Gers to believe that you're a new kid on the block that only joined 5 days ago? Please!

Septic1517d ago


Are you really that thick LMAO?!

Also @ NextLevel. LOL at the links you posted:

"How are these Anti-MS? [loving up PS4 proves your lack of anti-MS bias??] [lol THAT is anti-MS! You just pandered to the likes of SilentNegotiator with this nonsense:

I love how Microsoft has now resorted to just trying to be like the Playstation 4 and how it portrayed itself to the consumers....[bla bla Sony fanboys unite bla] " that's pro-MS yeah?!] "

"Yesterday people said I was Hicken and Strongman."

Yeah because Hicken is known for singing praises for MS rofl.

Can't believe people are defending your nonsense. SilentNegotiator defending you is obvious because well...we all know what he's like.

Just another day on N4G...

jnemesh1517d ago

Sounds like he is pretty intelligent, actually. Why would anyone with any level of intelligence, support the underpowered, overhyped console with less games?

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ThatOneRiggaNob1518d ago

Lol you say it doesn't work but mine works perfectly fine.

headblackman1518d ago

you don't even have an x1 or a kinect, so you need not even comment on it. so we will all just take anything that you say about the x1 as a joke.

so everyone just carry on and pay this joke no mind and buy and play what interest you.


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danowat1518d ago

It's near faultless for voice commands (at least now, it was a bit shonky at release), not convinced about much else though, it's clear that gaming doesn't really work on it, although xbox fitness is a good use of it.

rdgneoz31518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

"It's near faultless for voice commands (at least now, it was a bit shonky at release)"

In the US, it's fine for the most part. Outside the US is another problem, where some places don't even have voice commands still and yet they still had to buy the camera with the system at first.

Edit: At the moment, only English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian are supported / 10 countries. Still not working in 3 launch countries.

"Additionally, only five of thirteen launch countries have access to what Microsoft calls “premium/natural voice” and the “Xbox On” command, available only in the US, UK, Canada, France and Germany."

Dlacy13g1518d ago

Everyone is entitled their opinion.

Dewitt1518d ago

I am very happy with my day one console and anyone knows there is no such thing as 100% success rate with a peripheral. I would say mine works 85% of the time in my new house.

rorytmeadows1517d ago

Mine is like 98%. Perhaps maybe it's the user?

mrpsychoticstalker1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

No one? Are you sure? I know plenty of people who loves the Kinect myself included.

Lmao @arkardo

You have done your homework. Good job!

Add to the list doctors and scientists who use Kinect for their research .

Arkardo1518d ago

Yeah i know them too!


And of course you, plenty of people!

kayoss1518d ago

The people you listed have a lot in common but one stood out for me. They all have one bubble. Wonder why???

Dlacy13g1517d ago

Feel free to add me to your list of people who love their kinect. I am not hear to say its a must have device that you can't live without...but for me the functionality it has brought to my set up has been fantastic.

@kayoss Pls note... more than one bubble. :)

kayoss1517d ago

Pls note...You're not on the original list...

Arkardo1518d ago

Oh! So I can tell Folding home on Ps3 had a list of doctors and scientists who used it for their research.

We are even right right?

We are talking games and what purpose Kinect has on them, please stop embarrassing yourself.

jnemesh1517d ago

Kinect for WINDOWS is a great product. There is NOTHING wrong with the HARDWARE. Kinect for Xbox is a completely different story...and less than worthless for gaming. If you are playing a game, you need 100% accuracy, not 80% or 85%, 100%. And the software for Kinect (Xbox) is not there yet...and probably never will be!

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