Review: Squid’s Odyssey (Pure Nintendo)

Pure Nintendo 'Double Review':

Trevor Gould, "In spite of these mixed feelings I presented, I really have enjoyed Squids Odyssey. It’s a fun tale, with a great cast, and some interesting gameplay ideas. The happy soundtrack is a fine compliment, that’ll grow on you with its enjoyable tunes. Replay value is well covered, with lots of bonuses to earn, and level grinding that’s refreshingly fun rather than tedious. And there’s a lot of content here that makes the $14.99 price easier to swallow – this is a compilation of budget mobile games. I hope The Game Bakers next project will be Wii U native, which might eliminate some of our concerns."

James Casson, "Despite a few downsides to gameplay mechanics and the menu system, this game is fun and creative, with enough flair and personality to make it interesting, and enough replay value to just about justify the $14.99 price tag. This is worth checking out if you’re looking for something different, although hopefully the upcoming 3DS version picks up on some of these issues."

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