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Neil writes "GRID Autosport promises to get back to its roots and give gaming fans an insight into the world of contemporary motorsport. With five widely differing disciplines and an online system that delivers new challenges every week, will Autosport turn out to be the jack of all trades but the master of none?"

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oKidUKo1638d ago

It might be a bit selfish but I was hoping this wouldnt be that good. As an Xbox One gamer this is the first time I'm genuinely gutted it's only on last gen console. Fair play to Codies though, when they do a game they don't do it by halves generally.

xJumpManx1638d ago

You would want it on PC. It looks so so so so so so so much better.

XbladeTeddy1638d ago

Glad I haven't upgraded to next gen with games like this still coming out. Though the in-car view on this game looks rather bland and that's my favourite view. I can't play racing games without being in that view point.

neil3631638d ago

That's my preferred view as well and yes, the in car dash is bland.

That said, the vast majority of the time I'm looking forwards out of the windscreen and everything the other side of that looks damn good.

Scumdog1638d ago

Always wanted to love Grid, but it just never felt right to me. Good grafx, decent enough damage & wrecks ( better than GT & i love GT ), i use DS3 to play don't have wheel & while i'm able to be fast & competitive in Gran Turismo 5 & now 6 with DS3, i just never could be competitive with other racers with DS3, but i have loved many features from other racing games over the years that GT still can't get right - mainly full cosmetic & performance hampering damage, full body customizations with higher amount of options for nearly all cars widebody/racemods, spoilers/ground effects, hood scoops/notched intakes, & the big one full customization livery/paint drawing system, it would be the Gran Turismo game most of us have been waiting for since Gran Turismo 3.