Bungie says it’s confident that Destiny will run smoothly at launch

In a recent interview with, Bungie COO Pete Parsons says he’s confident that the launch of Destiny in September 9th will be smooth.

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Crazyglues1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Really nice to hear....

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LordMaim1632d ago

Considering how flawlessly the Alpha ran, I have no doubt that the final game will be awesome. I've never seen an Alpha that seemed to polished, particularly one that had any kind of online multiplayer component.

fenome1632d ago

I know right, I can't wait for that Beta. I know I'm gonna be traumatized again when they take it away though, just like I was with the Alpha. September needs to hurry up and get here.

MysticStrummer1632d ago

More devs of online games should have public alphas and betas for this very reason.

Ozmoses1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

While the Alpha did run relatively smooth. I did get disconnected quite often with some error message. It always dropped out when things were just getting good. Took me like 4 times before I actually got to the end of the Strike without getting bumped off.

granted it was Alpha stage and they were doing work on one of the days to improve it.

But yeah it was 10x better than the standard for day 1 releases with MP or what we have been getting from companies in the recent history.

Lou-Cipher1632d ago

If it isn't smooth, then don't release it!

500 million dollar budget. Some of that can go towards testing and quality control.

I remember when games had to be finished before they got put on store shelves. Don't turn into Bethesda or those other lazy developers, Bungie.

MrGunny941632d ago

I think they can manage to have a smooth launch. They got the July beta to stress out the servers before the real launch :)

Dolf0451632d ago

The alpha had to be hitting reasonably big numbers too and there was no reports of issues. On the contrary the level of polish was pretty impressive! Hopefully devs are looking at the diablo/simcity fiascoes and getting their shit together for online focused games

Zichu1632d ago


I don't know how many people were in the Alpha, but I can see their servers taking a heavy hit at launch. Not a very reliable source, but VGChartz has it at over 500k in the US for PS4 and X1. Imagine having up to that many people trying to access the same servers within the span of a few hours??

Anyway, looking forward to the game. Can't wait to play the beta in the next month.

Volkama1632d ago

I have some hope they can pull it off. Activision can call on all of Blizzard's MMORPG hosting experience to get it right.

Still, would not be surprised if it's a mess for the first few days.

JeffGUNZ1632d ago

Hey, is the Beta coming only to PS4 or other platforms?

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MysticStrummer1632d ago

"500 million dollar budget"

I agree with everything else you said but that 500 million isn't the budget for just this one game.

Phene1632d ago

If the "Alpha" was smooth then I'm feeling confident launch day will be, but you never know. But I mean, that alpha definitely didn't feel like one smooth. Can't wait, and I'm not sure but I think I read the beta runs till launch ..can anyone confirm?

Ace Killa 081632d ago

The alpha was solid, a few bugs but nothing that broke the game. And it performed dam good along with some of the best alpha visuals I've seen.

The Beta should be even more better and bigger.

Lastly the game itself will be it's own kind.

MatriXcian1632d ago

I dont see why not the Alpha was better polished then most full releases. Cant wait for the final product.

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