Caffeine Fails Kickstarter But Development Continuing

VRFocus - Virtual reality (VR) compatible horror project Caffeine has failed its second attempt at raising funding through crowd sourcing. The project has missed its Kickstarter funding goal following an unsuccessful IndieGoGo campaign earlier in the year. Developer Dylan Browne had hoped to raise $70,000 AUD for the PC title but ended up securing just $3,981. Despite the setback, Browne has promised to push on with Caffeine's development.

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AllAboutGaming1485d ago

I followed the kickstarter. I think he would have secured funding if it was a regular PC game. A lot of wind has been taken out of VR's sails thanks to Facebook's Occulus acquisition. The excitement just isn't there anymore for me.

King_of_Nothing1485d ago

Agreed. I'm not sure how this comes as a surprise. They're asking people to fund a game that uses a peripheral that people, other than industry insiders, haven't even had the chance to try out.

user56695101484d ago

yea i been saying this for a min if devs would say pc exclusive their game would get funded in no time. a lot of people was looking towards to this game but after multiplat, everyone went their seperate ways.

look at most old shool pc games or just pc exclusive games they always get more than their goal.

pc get treated like second rate you think they are going to pay you up front to be treated second rate. just saying. ill wait to try when it release.

people are still excited for vr its just most havent tried it yet. they are not going to blindly fund a game like this especially since its multiplat too. if it was a more ambitious game yes. but its a horror game. it looks good but the horror genre one of the few genre that devs are making for ORift. horro, horror, horror, exploration, horror, horror, racing, space game. the options bout time ORift launch people are going to be tired of horror games.