Don't Worry About Tom Clancy's The Division Graphics Downgrade on PS4, Xbox One and PC: Ubisoft

Ubisoft currently has two games in Tom Clancy's series in development "The Division and Rainbow Six Siege", so far both looks stunning, but fans are still in doubt that Tom Clancy's The Division final retail build will actually look the videos shown so far (considering the fact what happened with Watch Dogs).

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gamer11381517d ago

Given your track record's very hard not to worry.

ILive1517d ago

Exactly. Its worrying given how most of their games have turned out. But, I'm willing to give them a chance to stand by their words. If it turns out they are just empty, then it will become a problem.

MWong1517d ago

I don't think we have to worry. Most of the gameplay looks like it's in-game and not like Watch Dogs original presentation. At least that's what I am hoping. Watch Dogs from E3 12' compared to E3 13' was a huge shocker. I don't think anybody wants that again.

Neonridr1517d ago

I would argue most of the "gameplay" looked entirely scripted with questions about post-processing added in (ie. holographic map)

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The_Hero1517d ago

"Don't Worry About Tom Clancy's The Division Graphics Downgrade on PS4, Xbox One and PC: Ubisoft"
Ubisoft: We'll do it before we release any trailers.

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Blaze9291517d ago

Ubi-lying sometimes though so we gotta worry.

LackTrue4K1517d ago

@ Unisoft hahahahahahahahsha!!!!!!

I'm getting this game more for its gameplay, hope it ends up more like Ghost recon then anything else.

But really??? Unisoft just saying that...

It's like a thief telling us, he'll keep an eye on are house while were away on vacation. Haha

Back-to-Back1517d ago

Outside of Assassins Creed, I'm done with ubi games.

mogwaii1517d ago

Outside of?! Assasins creed is the very reason id expect anyone to be done with them.

Monolith1517d ago

Um Track Record? from one game?

thehobbyist1517d ago

Not one game. They did it before with FarCry 3 as well.

HaveAsandwich1517d ago

If they downgrade, and lie, I'm done with them.

CaptainObvious8781517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

The trailers looked absolutely amazing. not to mention the complex physics, weather systems, particle systems and accurate environmental damage which creates accurate shadows on the fly.

Sunlight was coming through bullets holes, for petes sake and you're telling me not to worry about a downgrade?

At this point I am ABSOLUTELY expecting a noticeable downgrade.

As long as the game's fun I don't mind, but I wish publishers would stop release super amazing pc footage and implying that will be the level of graphical fidelity we'd get on current gen consoles.


you know I noticed a lot more of that stuff in the first trailer then I did the E3 2014 trailer.

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Kavorklestein1517d ago

OMG. That has to be the dumbest thing I've ever seen on anything ever. Even when combined with the next 32,000 dumb things in all of life's collectively stupid experiences, THAT clip sums up the downfall of mankind's entertainment standards quite well.

I usually feel bad because of how people treat you Sasuke, but this time I have to say: What did you possibly expect people would think about that clip?

Destrania1517d ago

I think the game will be just as stunning at release as what they've shown so far. Above that though, the game seems uber cool and fun with a great setting and atmosphere.

Zichu1517d ago

It will definitely be stunning, but I don't think what they showed is what we will get.

Hell, Watch Dogs still looks great, but it's not as great as what they showed at E3 2 years ago. The wind, the dust particles, lighting, etc. was amazing in that video. I don't see any dust particles and the lighting is lacking a bit.

I can see them doing the same with The Division, toning down the breaking of the glass, the snow particles, the amazing lighting, etc.

Destrania1517d ago

Considering they only have next-gen platforms to worry about, I highly doubt it will be downgraded from what we've seen.

Zichu1517d ago

I really hope so, I'm not saying it's going to be a bad game. I will get this game regardless, just like I did with Watch Dogs. A downgrade in graphics isn't going to stop from enjoying a new experience.

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paidadvertiser1517d ago

Graphics "downgrades" are the number one concern because we hate games that look old. I can't even stand to look at games I played last year. Fun = 60fps, atmosphere = 1080p and forget expecting me to know what those numbers even represent. Whenever I'm told a popular opinion, I never question it or research. Welcome to the video game community of 2014.

starchild1517d ago

I don't know which game you are playing but Watch Dogs looks pretty damn good on my PC. I'm sure it looks great on any of the next gen platforms.

thehobbyist1517d ago

No. Fun =/= 60fps. Halo 3 was some of the most fun I've had with an FPS in my life and that game was only 30fps.

IAM1517d ago

Gaming news has turn into a soap opera.

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