Final Fantasy Festival detailed, first FFXIV expansion to be revealed in October

Details of the Final Fantasy Fan Fest revealed. Will include major annoucements.

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Squall_231638d ago

Joke ?! Remove the picture

sonypsnow1638d ago

"migration to PS4 incentive" FFXIV expansion, would be Awesome.

$249 PS4 with 24months FFXIV subscription!

TH3BR3W1638d ago

If it's anything like the 2.3 update it will be great... I just hope I see my dark knight as a new job\class I'm patiently waiting for the dps terror of all.

Jubez1871636d ago

If DK comes out in the expo then it'll probably be a tank class. I don't think there's going to be DPS in the expo.

Chrono1638d ago

Next time use the correct game's picture.

Adrian_v011638d ago

Wtf? Using this pic to get more hits?