DICE given 'creative freedom' with Star Wars license

The boss of DICE says the studio has been given plenty of creative freedom when it comes to making the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront game.

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hiredhelp1635d ago

Providing EA not on there case.

3-4-51635d ago

* Take your time DICE. If it has to release 6-8 months be it. I'd rather have one of the best games of this gen, then JUST ANOTHER game with bugs.

iamnsuperman1635d ago

Good to hear but don't completely "revolutionise" the traditional formula. There is a reason why Battlefront is a beloved franchise.

XiSasukeUchiha1635d ago

Battlefront stays Battlefront!

Nodoze1635d ago

Please let this one bake to perfection. EA is going to demand release next year so they have a little time. Dice is a perfect fit for this game.

Take your time and make it right! The MILLIONS of fans will wait.

nope1111635d ago

Hopefully these guys are big SW fanboys!

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The story is too old to be commented.