Elite: Dangerous Premium Beta 2 Launches Today

VRFocus - Frontier has announced that the second leg of the 'Premium Beta' phase for Elite: Dangerous will launch today. After a successful initial run, the Premium Beta moves into it's second outing with a number of technical improvements as well as brand new assets for players.

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Phoenix761242d ago

I can't wait for the full release of this. Been 20+yrs too long waiting for it :-D first thing I'm gonna do is a left turn at Bernard's Star and straight onto Ross154! Lmao :-D only a frontier fan would get that joke :-)

Ju1242d ago

PS4 version, please.

Phoenix761242d ago

If it is possible, I'd buy it again for my ps4 lol. Waiting for my download key upon release as I backed the project on kickstarter

user56695101242d ago

in every pc article we see posts like this. in every ps4 article we ge posts saying pc doesnt have games.

Ju1241d ago

Elite Frontier II was my all time favorite game. It's really a shame I won't be able to play this. So, yes, please, make a console version. Should not be too much trouble with the next gen. I haven't seen any official statement from Frontier about that.