Kinect has been 'unfairly judged' says Criterion head

Microsoft’s much maligned Kinect peripheral has been ‘unfairly judged’, the head of Criterion has said as the camera accessory is pulled as a boxed accessory.

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GamerzElite1484d ago

MS should have release more stuffs for Kinect. Only bundling and lack of software can't convince user to buy it.

F4sterTh4nFTL1484d ago

Kinect killed Xbox One, that is how I will judge it.

Kingthrash3601484d ago

Well that and the weaker hardware.. Terrible reveal... The lies...the truth...the quotes like "just deal with it".. The DRM..the no trade in games...the720p,900p,792p vs 1080p...the lack of game releases... Lack of New ip's..bad indie policies
I understand that they have 180ed some of these things...but they happened and they hurt the system too.

URNightmare1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Like I said in that other article
, Xbox is a complete mess I want to stay away from.

Pogmathoin1484d ago

So why come here and comment then? Oh... I would be called the troll.....

ifistbrowni1484d ago

I was one of the Kinect "nay-sayers" before buying my Xbox One. I was making my judgments purely off of Kinect Xbox 360 (unfair judgment).

I was immediately impressed with Kinect 2.0 and now I am sad that it will, most likely, not be supported in the future.

Mikelarry1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )


i am enjoying my xbox one and kinect alot more than i thought i would using voice commands to do certain task just feels great for example the " xbox record that" rather than having to press buttons just feels natural. i really hope ms and developers keeps supporting it and not give up on it so easily.

iamnsuperman1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

It isn't a gaming device. That is the issue. It isn't being unfairly judged. It doesn't suit the gaming enviroment. The kinect is an expensive way to "improve" UI which is why it didn't catch on (after the initial buzz years ago). Improving UI needs to be cheaply done and not with an expensive add on. That and improving the gaming use side in a meaningful way (which is impossible due to the hardware limitations) would have made the kinect 2 popular

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The story is too old to be commented.