DICE ponders: what did people really like about Battlefield: Bad Company?

Battlefield fans have long called for another Bad Company game. In fact, before this year's Battlefield game was announced, some had hoped it would turn out to be Bad Company 3, not Battlefield Hardline.

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ramiuk11431d ago

it reminded me of the film kellys heroes

ArchangelMike1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

It reminded me of the film Three Kings.

Firstly it was the single player campaign, and the fact that you could blow-up most of the buildings... in single player. Now the single player portions of the Battlefield games might as well be on-rail shooters for their complete lack of variety.

PeaSFor1431d ago

its all about the humor, nothing else.

MWong1431d ago

It honestly reminded me of Three Kings also, but with humor. I loved the game and the single player was just fun to play. Then when you went to the multiplayer that was just amazing.

VaporCell1431d ago

As said before, I really think what made it special was the destruction and the fact it wasn't a bro-shooter ! Every game tries hard to be "cool" and place the setting to be way too serious...BC really felt refreshing...Also not so much bullcrap and emphasis on endless customization.

badz1491431d ago

for me it's the SP campaigns! so refreshing and full of humor and the stories are quite good and enjoyable compared to BF3 and BF4 where you're just a disposable soldier in the uber-generic storylines like one of those movies directed by Micheal Bay! all KABOOM but no substance!

MP are awesome too with full destruction and stuff!

it boggles my mind how in the hell did they come from awesome BFBC to poop like BF3 and BF4? I'm talking about the campaign, of course and why the hell did they tone down the destruction?

like some of you guys here have said, I doubt I want them to touch BFBC series ever again as it might leave a bad taste if NF3 and NF4 are any indication for what to come! SMH at you guys DICE!

iamnsuperman1431d ago

Lack of seriousness. It was just fun and the characters worked well together. I was a little bit disappointed with BFBC2 as they took a more serious route. Go back to them just going awol stealing stuff

vallencer1431d ago

I miss the sounds from when you got your patches and awards from bad company 1!!! I miss that the most. Also when you knifed someone and got their dog tags. The first bad company was the best in terms of tone. The second one had the better game play.

Utalkin2me1431d ago

Not only was the destruction better. The gameplay was better and netcode was very solid. The game wasn't trying to do to much and was very well balanced.

gedapeleda1431d ago

The goofy campaign was great but what stood out the most was the competitive Multiplayer which had quite a learning curve, you can still find people playing it unlike BC2 so dice should definitely go in the bc1 direction.
Probably one of my favorite games I'd love DICE endlessly if they'd make a direct sequel to the first one.

MRMagoo1231431d ago

I think the fact it wasnt a bug riddles mess it why it was so popular.

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Hellsvacancy1431d ago

Come on who doesn't like trying to outrun a helicopter in a golf cart?

Bad Company was plain old fun, I wouldn't want another Bad Company game, I did for a long time but if they did another one it wouldn't be a good as the older games, they'll find away to screw it up

I used to play Bad Company 1/2 daily, BF4 I play once a week, that should say enough

ramiuk11431d ago

aye when a series is left for a few years and devs go another direction,they never nail what made it good when they go back.

BlackTar1871431d ago

Hopefully that isn't true for H-Hour

momonaboy1431d ago

I loved Bad Company and BC:2 even more! to me it was all about the destruction, by the end of the match almost everything was rubble, barely any structures standing.

Besides Levolution, the newer games don't have as much destruction.

Goro1431d ago

The destruction. Also i preferred the original Frostbite 1 engine over Frostbite 2 or 3.

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