Battlefield Hardline beta impressions: same game, new skin

Adam from HITC Tech has been playing the Battlefield Hardline beta, and he brings you his first impressions of the game.

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xYLeinen1639d ago

Heard someone called it a glorified expansion..

On topic. Developers are saying the are making fundamental changes to some of the physics and other frostbite 3 engine related stuff. Guess it would be hard to releasing this to BF4 without changing the rest of the game, or would it be possible?

ifistbrowni1638d ago

This is my major gripe with it. This could easily have been an expansion for BF4. I paid $50 for premium (enough for a full price game) and the only thing we manage to get is little updates with new maps. An expansion like this is worth $15-$20... Not the crap that developers are putting out in the world today.

I remember when expansions were actually expansions. Example: The DLC in Fallout 3 was enough to keep you busy for a week, offering new worlds and plenty of new missions. Now, we have games that charge $10 per mission (DLC).

I'm guilty of purchasing premium in Battlefield 3 and 4, but i will guarantee you i will NEVER buy another premium subscription, and likely, another Battlefield. Battlefield 4 (PS4) has left an extremely awful taste in my mouth.

ArchangelMike1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Unfortunately, we brought this on ourselves. I too bought Premium for Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. One of the reasons I will NOT be buying Hardline is becasue it will no doubt come with it's own 'Premium' DLC. I just hope nobody will be suckered into paying full price for an expansion pack (Hardline), and then paying a 'premium' subscription for DLC on that expansion pack. Effectively paying 100bucks for DLC!!!

venom061638d ago

So freakin tired on these no-thought so called impression articles, by people that don't care to say about CoD being the same crap, same engine, but run out to buy it with no problem.. The point is, you DO NOT know what the full game will offer so you can't legitimately talk about it being "an expansion".. Was Ghosts an expansion?.. Because it sure as hell look like MW3.. Was MW3 an expansion? Because it sure as hell looked like MW2.. But nobody said crap about these because "you don't mess with the CoD formula" and "it's about the fun"..

Hardline is about fun... It looks like BF4 because it uses the same engine.. It more faster, it's more intense, it's more fun..

ifistbrowni1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

@venom, the fact that you assume i play cod says a great deal about you. I despise call of duty and haven't bought one since Black Ops. Now, crawl back into whichever hole you came from.

Hardline looks like an expansion pack. The alpha beta is where I draw my "no-thought" impressions from. End of story. I dont disagree with the fact that COD is essentially the same every year.

A yearly release Battlefield is just as bad as a yearly release of COD. Wanna know what happened when COD started releasing a game each year? I stopped buying it. Battlefield will follow suit, especially since Battlefield 4's launch was so crappy. Then, that crappy launch extended into about 4-5 months of patches before they finally fixed it.

Stig2k1639d ago

Not too sure of the work involved, so whether it'd be easy or not, I don't know. But the single player does sound interesting, so perhaps that could be something to be excited about?

Ace Killa 081638d ago

If it's does not have Bad Company in it's title the single player will disappoint. It is Visceral games who know how to make a single player game. But remember they also made Dead Space, and that game went to awesome(scary for some) single player, to action single player (no longer scary) to dumb co op game that was a waste! I will give Dead Space 3 DLC credit as it was worth the buy.

windblowsagain1638d ago

COD - Same game. Same skin,lol.

NVIDIAGeek1638d ago

It's no longer funny since BF has also become the same.

eyeDEVOUR1638d ago

Bf3 was fucking great..if this is like Bf4 i wont spend a dime on it...but i does piss me off that everyone is talking shit about this should be dlc when COD does this shit EVERY FUCKING YEAR

venom061638d ago

CoD does this same crap every year but it's cool, because it's about "having fun" and "not about graphics" and "the CoD formula".. Hardline makes a game that's about "having fun" and the lame CoD fanboys on n4g have something stupid to say..

GamerzElite1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

I played some beta and realised it is a new game mode of BF4.

@Stig2k BF known for online game and for single player campaign. Have u remembered BF4 story mode was short. Story DLC is not unfamiliar to us.

Stig2k1638d ago

Would you have preferred to see it as DLC? The game does come with a Single Player mode, but are people really buying it for that?

SuperDan-Dare1638d ago

Personally, I'd give it more thought than I did for BF3 or BF4 - especially if it was more like Bad Company.

Skate-AK1638d ago

Sadly, this is all I have been hearing. I have Battlefield 4 but didn't personally pay for it so I will probably buy BFH. If I had bought BF4, I could see why people would be upset. It's surprising that they already launched the Beta. The Demo/Beta usually doesn't release until a couple weeks before the game comes out.

Stig2k1638d ago

This was a somewhat closed beta. I believe they're offering another one closer to release that'll be open to all.

It's a good game in it's own right, but I know what you mean - I can sympathise with people who actual bought BF4. :/

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