Get Even - Reality bending with braindancing

MWEB GameZone writes:

"Get Even from The Farm 51 will have you traverse between different minds, using their memories as your personal playground. In the Cyberpunk world this is known as "braindancing" and it could very well be the next frontier real life science will break into. Get Even explores this concept on two levels: through a strong single-player campaign and through a seamless blend of multiplayer. In Get Even your digital world can be invaded by other players - they can influence, bend and manipulate - without you even knowing they are there. The heart of this game pumps with the question, What is real?

Let's braindance to find out."

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lord zaid1549d ago

This game sound like a gritty amalgam of Psychonauts and the crappy Mindjack.

If they can pull it off as they claim, then it could well be a sleeper hit. But I'm a bit cynical about its chances of success

lord zaid1549d ago

I don't know this developer. Never heard of them before this. That's probably being judgmental, but the idea seems way too ambitious for an untested studio.

Having said that. No one knew who Rocksteady was and they gave us Arkham Asylum.

CongoKyle1549d ago

Not another game where people can invade you :( Dark Souls still makes me shudder.

HoldenZA1549d ago

Yeah, I know what you mean. I always get harassed in some way that makes me want to throw my controller against a wall.

HanCilliers1549d ago

You are both missing the difference Get Even offers - you can invade, manipulate another world - without revealing yourself

CongoKyle1549d ago

Fair enough :P I guess in Dark Souls you would be doing your own thing and BOOM! INVADED. Get Even seems a bit different with single player and multiplayer.