Blacklight Retribution launches tomorrow for the PS4

"Sony’s console will benefit from new maps, a new weapon, and new streaming capabilities. Additionally, PS Plus members who choose to register will receive a little gift. The bonus comes in the form of the PlayStation Plus Starter Pack, which includes the Burstfire SMG, Revival Injector, and 250 ZCoins that members can spend on the PlayStation Store."

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Iltapalanyymi1638d ago

finally. i really hope we get the latest patch too. You know, that one what is on PC already.

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fr0sty1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

I've had this game on PS4 since launch last November?

FamilyGuy1638d ago

It's been in Beta on PS4 this whole time. This is the official/real launch

Nekroo911638d ago

I know its free...but the game kinda sucks

spence524901638d ago

Held my interest for about 20 minutes. I agree with this.

ChronoJoe1638d ago

Agreed, played a number of times during the beta. Not much appealing about the game, even if all the betas faults (ie. poor framerate, lag, poor controls for consoles) are put to one side, the experience you're left with is very generic, dull in fact.

iamnsuperman1638d ago

I think I will try it out but the beta did more harm than good for me. It was just poorly made (I know it was a beta but damn it was hard to play). Lag, frame rate issue just dampened any possible positive experience I could have had. So I am going to give it a shot but I am not holding much hope

ChronoJoe1638d ago

Same, I'm going to give it a shot too. Not much better to do with my PS4 right now aside playing Watchdogs perhaps. But I don't have high-hopes for this.

I've played it on PC previously, and I wasn't all too impressed there either. It's admittedly better, but not that inspiring either.

cyclindk1638d ago

It's better on PC for some reason, not the visuals, it feels much less "stiff" (that's what she said), IDK what went wrong with the PS4 version. PC version is like silk on the controls.

_LarZen_1638d ago

F2P junk game. Not worth the download.

gamerfan09091638d ago

Game looks like rubbish. Btw is Warframe any good?

OpieWinston1638d ago

Warframe is pretty solid...It's not P2W because it's co-op.

It's the kind of game you play if you've got a lot of free time to grind.

ChronoJoe1638d ago

Warframe is basically a poor mans Destiny though. In a lot of ways at least, might as well hold out, unless you're a poor man.

gamerfan09091638d ago

Oh. The gameplay on youtube looks pretty damn good. Idk I might try it out on XB1 when it comes out.

Lawboy21638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

@ chrono joe

I said the same thing and was cussed out about it...destiny reminds me of warframe but warframe doesn't have online and is f2p

I liked warframe for awhile it was just so many other games to play but I liked both warframe and black light

theshredded1638d ago

It's currently the worst f2p game available but that's my opinion.Wait for Loadout if u want a good tps f2p

blakstarz1638d ago

This game is fun to me.....not sure about the rest of you.

Lawboy21638d ago

I loved this game when I got my ps4 but then titanfall came out and I didn't have enough time to go back and play it

SoapShoes1638d ago

If I had listened to the people here I would have missed out. I didn't download it for the longest time but then I figured why not it's free and I quite enjoyed it, especially kill confirm mode. It did have horrible lag sometimes, hopefully that's fixed.

Morgue1638d ago

Probably because it isn't COD, Halo or Battlefield and I have a friend who owns a PS4 and wouldn't even play it and it's free. But yet he'll $60 plus another insane amount for season passes.

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