Who says gamers aren’t good students? Top Chinese high school student loves DOTA

The next time your parents say hardcore gamers can’t be good students, this guy is your counter-example.

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LightDiego1638d ago

Nobody will doubt that he loves Dota, for sure.

mmc-0071638d ago

a game League of Legends copied but Dota is free and League of Legends is a pay to win game. that's all I know about it..

sorane1638d ago

I played LOL for years and never once was it pay to win. Haven't played in a year or so, but I haven't heard of any massive changes that would have made it so.

Eonjay1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Games have been shown to be helpful in keeping the brain healthy and fit. Especially games that require strategy, problem solving skills, and dynamic thinking. There is a Ted Talk about this very thing:

Dehnus1638d ago

DOTA however keeps the lungs healthy, all that shouting and screaming makes for a great lung capacity in the end. Sadly it also induces heart problems.

Gh05t1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

"Who says gamers aren’t good students?"

No really? who does say this?

Its time management that gets people, who wants to study when there are games to play :)

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