Stop Preordering Video Games

Kotaku: It's not hard finding things that are wrong with the video game industry these days. From rip-off DLC to paid-for cheats to games that are sold essentially incomplete, consumers are increasingly getting short shrift.

If you want to push back, though, what are your options? Stop buying games? Effective, perhaps, but that's also cutting off your nose to spite your face. And hands.

Emailing a publisher? Hahahahha. Hahahah. Haha. Oh, that's a good one.

There is one thing you can do, though. It might not sound like much, but it's a start. And that's to stop preordering video games.

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mkis0071241d ago

Collector...have to preorder. Sorry.

Prime1571241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

That's the cancer this opinion is talking about...

They used to be a good thing for people like you... then they started having 3 collector's editions for each major region and 3 different bonuses for each retailer.

Stop the machine...

Edit: I'm aware of your sarcasm, and tentative of your truth. Regardless, I've never sold a game I've bought by my own accord in 2+ generations.

mikeslemonade1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Y'all people are stupid. I had a debate about game libray sizes. PS2 had 3700 games while PS3 had around 1500. These developers need more money to make more advanced looking games.

And games are still $60. Atleast they didn't go up in price like last gen.

Prime1571241d ago

Mikeslemonade, when does a library's size become irrelevant? How many games can you play in one year, yet alone a console's "lifetime?"

Yes. The ps3/360 generation has been long WHILE having RELATIVELY less games. HOWEVER, have you been able to play all of those games you want, subjectively? Has the person next to you? Have you played *ALL* of them?

mkis0071241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

I happen to view it as a hobby, and judging by the prices some of these go for now (for example my mirrors edge sealed messenger bag, which I got when I put $5 down from preordering), I would say my hobby has a decent chance of being worth it someday.

also I use it as a layaway program...I suck with money.

NotAfanBoyy1241d ago

Mikeslemonade, actually game prices have went over $60, unless you want the non "Collector", "Enhanced" or whatever edition.

They just remove some "DLC" or "bonus" content from the $60 version of the game. Essentially, you get less game than before at $60.

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AndrewLB1241d ago

You can still get your collector edition after launch day.

... man people are dumb. /walks away

mkis0071241d ago

Next time walk away first.

GamingSinceThe80s1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

That is not alway's true.I didn't reserve the Bravley Default collector's edition and couldn't get it anywhere but Amazon or Ebay for $100 or more.So I guess your kind of right I still could have got it for $40 to $50 over retail.Now that's dumb!lol Same go's for LOZWW CE,and LOZ Skyward sword CE but I reserved those so I payed retail prices.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

How dare you tell us what to do! I like the pre load feature on PS4 really good but Sony needs external HDD support bad.

BillmadeAGate1241d ago

Pre-Load ? You must be in Europe cause that function hasn't hit the u.s yet =/

Ghost_of_Tsushima1241d ago


Preload is available for nearly all upcoming AAA games on PS4 in the US.

Crazyglues1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

@ The_Infected

Why would they need that when they made it super easy to just change your hard drive if you want. (it supports all the other common brand 2.5 inch hard*drives)

I installed a 1TB the first day I got my PS4 and have been loving it. It's been the best move I could have done.

||.........___||............ ||

Ghost_of_Tsushima1241d ago

Because if you changed it later on you'd have to reinstall everything all over again.

DualWielding1241d ago

yah but some people didn't change right away and if they want to change they have to redownload everything..... 500 GB worth of content

uth111241d ago

because you can find external 3.5" drives in higher capacities than you can currently for internal 2.5" drives?

I bought a 1tb drive too. Ideally I would have liked at least a 2gb drive to future-proof the thing, but they aren't that common in this size yet. :/

BillmadeAGate1241d ago

Ik just saying its not out yet lol.. starts with transformers Dark spark..

Mikelarry1241d ago

Yeah but preordering always turns out cheaper example preorderd destiny for £44 went into game and they were preodering for 59.99. the days i can walk into a store and pick up a game cheaper than i can get it online those days are long gone.

Prime1571241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

I'm not an expert about "Game," but here in America, as a former GameStop employee of 2+ years, I know that a lot off harm has been done to the industry by incentivising consumers through hoarding preorders and marketing towards (insert any retail or platform or distributor)...

Digital vs retail is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT argument, though.

Pre-ordering vs not is the topic, not digital vs retail.

Btw, @mikelarry "Yeah but preordering always turns out cheaper example preorderd destiny for £44 went into game and they were preodering for 59.99."

I don't understand, this article was written about preordering vs NOT-PREORDERING. Why bring up digital vs retail? Completely off topic...

Mikelarry1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

to the disagrees and prime, where did i mention that this was digital vs retail

my comment was about pre-ordering a game from an online retailer (amazon, shopto, hmv etc) not digital.

@ Prime please at least read and understand the comment and the use of caps not necessary to make a point especially when you are the one who is off topic

NovusTerminus1241d ago

Uhhh... no...

I live in a town with a small walmart as the main store. And they have horrible game choices there. They still have not gotten in some of the games I've ordered.

So I pre order on Amazon to get them day one, if I don't preorder, I don't get it til a few days after launch.

Prime1571241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

I get your point, but retail vs mail vs digital are all different.

I agree that he didn't take you making a mail (delayed recipient) pre-order into accord, however, the author's point of view was not directed at that situation, but at the idea of preordering as a hindrance on the industry's progression.

Edit: I'm not sure what to say about this who buy via online stores... except that THOSE CONSUMERS KNOW, just know, that "mailing delay" is a con for ordering online...

That's THEIR CHOICE as a consumer...

dumahim1241d ago

With Amazon Prime, I've gotten almost all of my games delivered on release day. I can only remember one situation where I had to wait. Plus, I live in a state that doesn't tax Amazon orders (yet) so not only am I saving money there, I don't need to drive out to Best Buy and waste my time and gas doing so.

The other nice thing, there's no commitment. You don't get charged until your order ships and you can cancel whenever you want.

mhunterjr1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

I used to preorder games, when there was actually a chance I wouldn't be able it get a copy... Nowadays, they not only press more than enough discs, but there's an unlimited supply of digital downloads....

Preordering really makes no sense IMO, if your local stores have a decent selection. It just financially ties you to a game that might not even be worth the money...

Prime1571241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

As a former employee of GameStop (a company who pushes their employees to "sell" and "bank" reserves), I agree for the big games... COD, Madden, Gears, The last of us, ect... all GameStops, Wal-Mart's, best buys, ECT will have plenty in stock.

Ignorant consumers just don't get supply and demand. COD, Madden, GTA, TLOU, etc all KNOW the demand and will beat it....

Ni No Kuni, ff14 (pc), and other highly acclaimed short-supply-via-high-demand-g ames couldn't keep up with demand for different reasons... I'd put xenoblade in there except I KNOW GameStop deliberately withheld thousands of copies to inflate the price... which was withholding supply to crest demand... while COD, Madden, and the like have more supply than demand, hence the trade in price plummeting within a year as soon as a new iteration comes out with too many copies.

Spotie1241d ago

The prices were gonna and have always dropped sharply on last year's versions of such games. The issue isn't demand there, but relevancy. Otherwise, it'd take just a few months for the price to drop.

There are too many varying conditions for why somebody might want to preorder a game, so it's silly to say that people shouldn't preorder. If you have your own misgivings, that's fine. But never assume people all have the same tastes, interests, or reasons as you. It's not fact we're debating here.

vickers5001241d ago

Some retailers offer credit that can be put towards other games. There's been a recent surge in $25 dollar credit with the pre-order of a few games at (pre-order mario kart 8, wolfenstein, the last of us remastered, get 25 dollars in credit to spend at, and recently kmart, kmart had the same thing for mario kart and a few other titles, also if you pre-order smash bros at kmart, you get $26 dollars in credit.

Best buy offers $10 credit on a lot of their games with pre-order, also they have a service called gamers club unlocked, which was on sale recently for 60 bucks, 20% off of ANY new game for 2 years, meaning if I buy 5 full priced games within the next 2 years, it will have paid itself off, after that, the rest is pure savings. Not to mention the other aspects to it, free random 5 dollar certs given out, extra trade in bonus on games and I think consoles.

In the cases above, where I'm going to buy a game day one anyways, I'd rather get extra money to put towards other games.

The days of me pre-ordering a game without an actual good bonus like the ones mentioned above are over for me though, Starhawks 'gamestop edition' really soured me over the dlc pre-order bonus incentives.

mhunterjr1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

If the preorder saves you money, then by all means don't pass it up. The types of deals your talking about is a way for retailers to compete with each other on Price and services, which is actually a good thing, as it rewards continued patronage. That type of competition drives costs down for consumers.

But when you start talking about retailers competing with each other on content, it leaves a sour taste because full paying customers are missing out for no apparent reason. And the push from publishers for pre-orders reeks of ' please, buy my game before you find out how bad it it'

dumahim1241d ago

"Preordering really makes no sense IMO"
pre-order bonuses.

"It just financially ties you to a game that might not even be worth the money..."
You're financially tied to any game you purchase. If you're concerned, don't pre-order.
Plus, ordering though Amazon, there is no commitment as you don't get charged a cent until it ships and you can get release day delivery and in most cases is actually cheaper than buying locally.

mhunterjr1241d ago

Pre-order bonuses exist to get people to preorder. When you pre-order for this content, you are supporting the practice of artificial excluding game content for no reason other than to ensure pre-orders have a better experience. Why not just give all gamers the best experience?

As to being financially tied, there is a difference between tethering yourself to a title before you can even be assured of its quality, and buying a game after embargoes are dropped.

Like I said, if pre-ordering is being done in a manner that actually reduces costs to gamers, I'm all for it... But typically pre-order bonuses exist only to guarantee specific retailers enjoy more profit, or to get people to buy games before it's quality is known.

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