Zelda Wii U: Mr Aonuma talks the size of the world and how players are rewarded for exploration

MMGN: In terms of the scale of the new Zelda world on Wii U, I always think of Kyoto as my base — Eiji Aonuma.

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herobyclicking1635d ago

320 square miles or so. Bigger than Chicago, smaller than New York.

Metallox1635d ago

So 20 times bigger than Skyrim? No way.

Spooney3231635d ago

A leveling up process would be sweet. A nice change from getting heart containers for more hearts ect....

eworthington01635d ago

Leveling up would be awesome. I always thought that would be cool.

jsslifelike1635d ago

And a very light loot system, too please?

Metallox1635d ago

Wrong article to say that.

Fel081635d ago

Aw another Nintendo hater on N4G?

Somebody had a shitty childhood.

LightDiego1635d ago

Rewarded for exploration, that's great to hear.

KakashiHotake1635d ago

I'm actually excited for this new Zelda and I've never really gotten into the Zelda games. However I love games that encourage exploration and make it a rewarding experience. Those usually are the games I find to be the most immersive.

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The story is too old to be commented.