Dragon Ball: Xenoverse’s New Mystery Fighter Might actually be

Some screenshots were recently released for Bandai Namco and Dimps’ Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, the first Next-gen fighting game set in the DBZ universe.

The screenshots below introduces a brand new fighter (Or is he?) as he a fights through key moments from the show/manga. It seems as though the developers are adding a twist to the DBZ story canon. But just who is this new mystery fighter? For now info is being kept under wraps on who he is and his exact motive.

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Foraoise1638d ago

That's not Future Trunks. That's Current-Kid Trunks, grown up. Or rather, "Time Patrol Trunks". Made his debut in Dragonball Online.

crxss1638d ago

It's obviously Super Saiyan God Gohan

sinspirit1638d ago

That seems plausible.

Tarble, Vegeta's young brother, looks a lot like this as well. This looks like his older self.

Tarble coming to Earth to be with Vegeta is believable and that explains the Capsule Corp. jacket.

But, then the screenshots show him fighting in Frieza Saga and other timelines. Which seems like it's just a character creation if it puts your character in a timeline he never existed in.

ab5olut10n1638d ago

something something 9000

PaleMoonDeath1638d ago

The guy is doing a Kamehameha, Super Saiyan God appearance, looks like Adult Gohan who would have access to a time machine from the future..

Yep, that's Gohan.

Melankolis1638d ago

a fusion of alternate future Gohan & Trunks i bet

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