Miyamoto Says He's Interested In Unified Platform Development

Nintendo producer Shigeru Miyamoto expresses his desire for a unified approach to developing games for both Nintendo's handheld and home console systems.

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XiSasukeUchiha1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Good thinking, now that's using your thinking cap :)

NewMonday1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Sony did it first with the Vita, many games also available on PS3/PS4

now just wait and watch as suddenly this will turn out to be a great idea when haters claimed this very thing was bad policy before.

EliteGameKnight1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

its not really unified , its just a stream. but yeah Sony did that first.

If by unified, it means that I can play the same game on both systems, maybe altering some aspects on account of hardware, then it wouldn't be the same.

There's nothing wrong that Sony made steps in that direction first, I just don't see the point in bragging about it

3-4-51488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

* Basically This:

Nintendo's next Console & Handheld will be able to play ALL of the same games.

* They will be made for their specific consoles, but playable on either one, giving people incentive to own BOTH Console & Handheld.

* Games like Bravely Default & stuff could be still JUST Handheld games, or they could make a console version that is playable on handheld.

* What it does is this:
- Allows them to FOCUS on Console, and still bring a ton of games to the handheld as well.

* They will look as good as it could look on handheld because they were made for better specs, and then made to fit the handheld.

* Handheld will be similar to 3DS+Wii U Gamepad.
* Can use Handheld as controller for Console.

When he says " He's interested", that means it's already in development and they are testing it out in various ways to see if it works well enough to mass market.

^ My theory.

Basically we get a ton of games next gen for Nintendo and you NEVER have to choose one or the other, but it's beneficial to own both Console & Handheld, or will be.

* Will be revealed or launched in 2017/2018.

herbs1488d ago

Exactly right 3-4-5 this is also how Nintendo will get back more third party support.
Good thing they didnt sell out there IPs on smartphones like some idiots wanted that would have canibilized this next step to a unified on the go console.

The_Hero1488d ago

Nintendo Fusion seems very likely if this is true.

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MSBAUSTX1488d ago

I have always been upset that i cant play the virtual console games i buy on my wii u on my 3ds and visa versa. There really isnt a good excuse for this since most of the games are available and my club nintendo account is linked to both systems. This has a defibite impact on whether or not i buy virtual console games. They are double dipping so to speak. It should bee asily fixed with a software update but they will wait until the next series of platforms? I dont like that decision but Nintendo has always done their best to make things right so i will wait and see. A Nintendo Fusion or some type of cross platform play is needed and will be embraced by all Nintendo fans.

herbs1488d ago

Good point MSBAUSTX
Hopefully they unify the existing Virtual Consoles and have it carry over for the Next Gen as well and Nintendo keeps the trend of backwards compatibility (continue using PPC architecture)
I think people would get upset if they don't do this because nobody likes buying the same games multiple times.

MSBAUSTX1488d ago

Exactly! Well put herbs.

MilkMan1488d ago

Excellent. This is why Nintendo is forever tops.

Drummerdude411488d ago

A unified pokemon game would be bad ass. Especially one where i could take my progress with me on the go and then come home to battle online in hd.

herobyclicking1488d ago

I have always been confused as to why they haven't capitalized on this sooner.

Xof1488d ago

I like how Nintendo is only just now begining to consider making a unified platform in the future, while at the same time Sony has completely moved away from their unified platforms.