TV Shows That Should Have Their Own Video Games

The list of outstanding video games based on television shows is painfully short, which is odd as there are many programs out there that provide terrific game material. So here’s a list of TV shows that should have their own video games, and a few details about how these hypothetical games would work.

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F4sterTh4nFTL1548d ago

I pretend Far Cry 3 = Arrow Island Sequences

Baccra171547d ago

I did that too when I had FC3!

-Foxtrot1548d ago

Why would you want an Arrow game

I'd rather have a proper Comic book like Green Arrow game which sticks to the comics.

-Foxtrot1547d ago

Guess no one has actually read the Green Arrow comics...


DarkBlood1547d ago

I would love an arrow game be similar to arkham series gameplay wise yet different in its own way. P.s awesome show in my eyes

as for the flash that could be tricky content wise then again so would superman too but id glady take a game if they can come up with something

DarkLord10031547d ago

Imagine if there was an Arrow game.... would the tutorial be on the island?

Mr_Danski1547d ago

I would love an arrow game, but theres a chance it would turn out like the spiderman games.. terrible. No one wants that for such a brilliant series.

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