USA Hardware and Software weekly ending June 14th

PS4 edges out Xbox1 and Mariocart 8 takes 1st place.

PS4 39,008
XOne 38,210
3DS 31,370
WiiU 25,585
X360 16,922
PS3 8,877
PSV 3,854
Wii 2,611
PSP 577

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Eonjay1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

First week after price drop? I was expecting a little more from Xbox One this week. They have banners hanging from the ceiling at the door when you walk into GameStop advertising the drop. Whats up?

Nitrowolf21486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Yea, I'll be honest I thought the X1 would lead (not by much) a week or so in the us after the price drop, not the other way around. Just shows that price wasn't a major factor like everyone was making it out to be. This was also pretty known considering that the X1 been on sale for a while now before the official price drop/model drop

NextLevel1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Price is only part of the problem. The Xbox One has an image problem. The hardware, mainly the GPU is weak sauce in comparison to the PS4. So the games output in weird resolutions like 792p, the general public knows the PS4 has better performing multiplats, look at the software numbers. My 11 year old cousin knows about the Xbox One's resolution problems, he just knows the PS4 is better. It's common knowledge. People bought their 65 inch TVs cause they want to use them and enjoy viewing content in the highest resolution possible, which is why the don't even sell 720p TVs anymore. The Xbox One also came out the gate claiming watching TV is the future, the general public knows this and didn't like it.

The image problem the Xbox One has, is that the PS4 is better. I don't expect this to change.

Sabo1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

This doesn't take into account pre orders for the white PS4 bundle also, I think.... Which is also doing pretty well on Amazon.

It will be interesting, though, to see how far off these numbers are when the NPD arrives.

Those Vita sales are not too good, I hope they are seriously considering that PS4/Vita bundle.

torchic1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )


tbf VGChartz tend to exaggerate Microsoft numbers so.....

and, as with all "new console" releases the numbers drop off after the first week...

if these numbers are correct then wow. but Microsoft deserve this, they've mismanaged Xbox since the advent of Kinect on 360. it's been downhill ever since while Sony were working 24/7 to improve the PlayStation brand.

bouzebbal1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

first there has been no price drop! they removed kinect obviously the price goes down with it.

well looks like PS4 is in for a victory for the sixth time.

i know VGchartz isn't a reliable source but still...x1 numbers might be lower than this as a matter of fact

Dolf0451485d ago

If the drop had hit with a killer game I could see sales improving, but we're not really at "killer app" levels with either console yet.

I expected a bump in sales from people who were considering buying last month holding off until now, but I'm not at all surprised it hasn't taken a major jump.

pornflakes1485d ago

@ NextLevel

65 inch for only 1920x1080p ?? LOOOOOOL

65 inch is way to huge for such a low resolution.. for 65 inch you need 4k TVS....

URNightmare1485d ago

If this is the first week after a couple of weeks of "people waiting for the cheaper sku" then this is not a good sign for Xbox One at all. I honestly thought it was going to outsell the PS4 at least for the first week specially in the US.

NextLevel1485d ago


You just proved my point. If 1080p suffers on such a large TV, what does roughly half the pixels at 792p look like?

MysticStrummer1485d ago

@pornflakes - It also has to do with how far a person sits from their TV.

OT - I'm as big a PS guy as many here but I'm also surprised by these numbers. I thought XB1 would get enough of a boost to get a small win for at least a week or so.

"Just shows that price wasn't a major factor like everyone was making it out to be."

Isn't this the closest PS4 and XB1 have been in the weekly numbers? I don't remember and don't have sufficient interest to look it up, but if so then the price drop and/or diskinect was definitely a major factor, just not enough to give XB1 the win. The numbers, nebulous as they are coming from vgchartz, are very close. Of course history says the real PS numbers are probably higher and real XB numbers are probably lower, so there's that.

ramiuk11485d ago

problem is you can get the one with kinect in uk for £15 more than non kinect version.
cex and game have loads preowned and there being sold for £300 with kinect which is £100 less than new and £50 less than non kinect bundle and they both offer a years warranty.

also the titanfall kinect bundle can be bought for £369 so an extra £19 for a game and kinect.

not sure price difference in US but its insulting in uk,specially as im sure MS said it costs voer £100 to make kinect 2.0.

morganfell1485d ago

More lies from VGchartz. Have they been paying attention? Yes and they still lie. Look at Amazon where the Xbox is doing worse than any month to date. It isn't even in the top 50. It is also doing worse at Best Buy. It is pretty much in the same spot as always at Gamestop.

Nice job N4G. Letting these made up numbers be published on your site when they are universally banned is doing wonders for your reputation among the rest of the game community. And you wonder why this place is seen as a 12 and below site.

GribbleGrunger1485d ago

As a member of VGC, I suggest people totally ignore these numbers until we get official confirmation. I've now completely run out of patience with this site; although the forums still have some great posters.



Oh, now it's "It's VGChartz...". Was that were you stand last gen?

@On topic

Yes, it's VGChartz and why this crap hasn't been banned from here years ago as they were showed multiple times "adjusting" their numbers is beyond me... Still, this is what we had been saying here again and again, only to be called out fanboys or anti-MS or whatever. PRICE ISN'T THE ONLY PROBLEM. It's as simple as that. In fact, if I were a betting man, I would say the XB1 numbers are way too high, I doubt the sales bump was that big, simply because other sales track forms (Amazon and Gamespot) don't point at enough demand for a significative bump, also the bump come alone from people that hold off for a month (and those weren't that many to begin with). Had this came with some expected game
release, things would had been different, but as it is lowering the price/unbundling Kinect solves nothing.

But hey, it's VGChartz, they can just undertrack the next weeks or so if they need "adjusting" (seriously N4G, get a grip).

ThanatosDMC1485d ago

Great. This crap again. I've been marking it down but i guess they pay n4g somehow?

OT: Who owns n4g? Great guy. Thank you for this hilarious website.

mikeslemonade1485d ago

Same old bitching about VGC.. They inflate X1 and deflate PS4. We all know that but are you seriously going to wait one month for bragging rights. I get to brag now! PS4 beat X1 once again during the "price drop". That's the last nail in the coffin for X1.

ThatOneGuyThere1485d ago

its gotten to the point now where people who bought the XB1 are already giving up and getting PS4s. Its total domination.

Neonridr1485d ago

is it cool to use words like "weak sauce"?? I just can't bring myself to saying that word without feeling like I dropped a few IQ points typing out the characters..

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NextLevel1486d ago

Why would you expect more? They sold 77,000 last month, 115,000 the month before and still got outsold when Titanfall released and everyone created incentive to buy it. The general public just doesn't want it, they want the PS4.

choujij1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Titanfall should have been the big eye opener to many, as it was to me. Despite how hyped that game was, Xbone was outsold that month in it's strongest market. And that's on top of the incentives that Microsoft and retailers were throwing at people.

The fact is, there is no miracle that will "save" the Xbone. It's going to under-perform in sales and graphics this gen, whether people accept that or not. And the sooner we move past that, the sooner we can enjoy what each of the systems have to offer.

kickerz1485d ago

Whatever, so 38 000 people that just bought an xb1 are not "general public" do u even know what your saying.

Neonridr1485d ago

pretty sure they want both. Otherwise 4.5 million people wouldn't own XB1's.

FITgamer1486d ago

It's VGC, just have to wait until NPD. They also adjust the PS4 numbers down 300k.

elazz1485d ago

Which is weird since the PS4 numbers were only overtracked by around 40-50k throughout the whole month of May while being undertracked during all the others. But the best we can do is wait for official numbers from Sony

MysticStrummer1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Many times, PS numbers actually have to be adjusted up, not down on vgchartz. They tend to underestimate PS numbers and overestimate XB's.

Wikkid6661485d ago

Wasn't a full week of sales for the new sku.

lelo1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

There was no price drop. It's quite simply a different X1 SKU without Kinect at $399. X1 with Kinect is still $499. I don't understand why people insist it's a price drop.

As for a Kinectless X1 at $399, it's to expensive. They should have released the Kinectless X1 at most $349 (or take a hit and release it at $299).
Microsoft has to do the same thing Sony did last gen with the PS3. Take a hit and sell the X1 at a cheaper price if they want to win back their market share... but what the hell do I know.

Eonjay1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

They consider it a price drop because Kinect was never mandatory and because it wasn't available at that price before.

joydestroy1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

i agree. if M$ wants to get back on track, they need an actual price drop. i think $349 for a Kinect-less Xbone sounds like a good price. then consumers would have a hard decision to make.


People can access it for less money then what was required before. What we call it makes no difference.

And 299 is just out of reality for now. You do know they are already selling at a loss in both kinected and unkinected prices, right? I agree 349 would had been better, but I don't know if they can afford it.

PS3 in fact needed to take a hit in order to remain competitive, probably a bigger hit than either PS4 or XB1 are taking right now (neither are sold at a profit), but that was PS3, the successor to a very profitable brand, around 2007 before recession hitted hard and with plenty of happy shareholders... I don't think XB1 is even close to the status to take more loss (and the market in general isn't in that status, PS4 would be having problems right now if it needed a desperate price drop)... I mean, sure, MS as a company can back that up, they have the checks ready, but the Xbox Division is already the investors' headache (some want it gone for crying out loud) and it probably would do more harm than good to just bleed even more money with no warranties (said before, saying it again: it's not just the price).

Jury1485d ago

Umm why are people taking these numbers seriously? They are no more accurate than our own guesses

Virtual Guess Charts

Magicite1485d ago

This summer will be really bad for X1.
It may get boosts in September when they release it in more countries and launch exclusives like Forza Horizon 2, but I dont expect anything spectacular.

Hardcore_gamerxbox1485d ago

If u look at front page of vgchartz Xbox one sold more it has to be some mistake and as Xbox fan I don't think Xbox one will do as good as Xbox 360 unless Microsoft drop the price as soon as possible otherwise they gonna lose against ps4 Microsoft done so much public damage to Xbox one and I hope Phil spencer do something about ASAP

Eonjay1485d ago

That might not be a "mistake". The understanding is that the PS4 sold more in the US, but the Xbox One may have sold more in Canada or Mexico. North America vs USA.

IcicleTrepan1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

in Canada,

PS4 = $449.99
XB1 + Kinect = $499.99 and includes at least one game.
XB1 - Kinect = $399.99

So for people where price is a factor or getting a game bundled in is a factor, XB1 probably sells better here than in the USA where the PS4 is $399.99

aceitman1485d ago

not even in Canada x1 is doing good even with a cheaper price tag or bundle checked here
x1 399$ is at the 89 spot on amazon Canada and the titanfall bundle is at 74 and the ps4 with a higher price tag is at 21. even the wii u is at 23 beating out x1.

sgtGanGreen1485d ago

As you can see xbox one sale +70% and ps4 -8%
Guess price didn't make a difference huh?

Shnazzyone1485d ago

Wow, something interesting. Wii U now has more global units worldwide than ps4. by like 4 million units. Is that right? how come I didn't hear anything about that? Maybe because it's vgchartz.

Ju1485d ago

No. 8M PS4 vs 6M WiiU ?

DLConspiracy1485d ago

Still for a company that had a really bad image problem to be "on par" with the leading console isn't really a bad thing. That means they are cleaning up their act a bit. Viva la games.

1485d ago
xDHAV0K24x1485d ago

Not a price drop. New sku...smh

Spotie1485d ago

So you're saying it's the same price as WITH the Kinect?

showtimefolks1485d ago

good all around, it will be very interesting to see how many people will hold on from buy a ps4 because they want the white one

i know on amazon ps4 white is one of the top selling items since E3

avengers19781485d ago

It's VGCharts just vote it down and move on... I can't believe the site hasn't been banned from N4G

Sheikh Yerbouti1485d ago

If this is true, we may have reached parity between the platforms. Maybe now games will truly drive game sales instead of RROD, console bans, sitting on shelves, and price drops. I think this is good news for gamers.

1485d ago
Bigpappy1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Its not about price but power. If M$ wants to match PS4 in sales, it needs to convince the core gamers that X1 is not underpowered compare to PS4. They are direct competitors, not like the wii.

Having said that, I expect that with the new SDK and the freeing of more band with, when not using Kinect, the resolution difference with be significantly reduced or eliminated and we will start to see evidence of this by the end of summer and in time for the big fall release. But matching PS4 sales will be a huge undertaking.

Reading some of the comments here makes me wonder if some people are really taking this console war thing just a bit to seriously. So what if the numbers are wrong? Why are they that important that you need to vent their anger and frustration to the point of almost tears and insult the people who approve the RUMOR is immature. Has this now become the most important aspect of gaming. Not even bragging about having better games anymore, it is now about 'the hardware I picked is selling way better that the one you picked, and VGChartz is spoiling my erection by saying Xbox isn't getting beat 4:1'.

Some of you really need to take a break from gaming and re-evaluate what is important in your lives.

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XiSasukeUchiha1486d ago

PS4 still has the lead!? after the price drop of the One surprising!!!

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1486d ago

Yeah I was a little surprised too

1485d ago
aceitman1486d ago

looks like kinectless xbox one is not enough to take ps4 , the numbers for global are coming soon showing x1 at 60,000 and ps4 at 96,000 and wiiu at 64,000. x1 got beat by wiiu on global sales is not good for ms at launch week for kinectless x1. and if the amazon charts show any indication of the sales for the next week it will not be a good week for ms.

MrSwankSinatra1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Well i'm pretty sure PS4 sold even more since VG chartz constantly under tracks PS4 sales while they over track X1 sales.

aceitman1486d ago

@MrSwankSinatra I totally agree with u , there is some fishy stuff going on at vgchartz for some reason they boosted the 360 1.5 million , and they just lowered ps4 totals , but it seems to me that they are giving x1 more total numbers than they should ps4 has moved at least 120,000 a week but they have it as if it only sold 50,000 a week on totals but x1 seems to be higher as total sales x1 by vgchartz sold 300,000 in a month. weird but I take there numbers with a grain of salt and just as an high low estimate .knowing they boost and undercut certain consoles numbers.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Boycott the mods who do not remove this site

Clarence1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

I agree.
This is not good for M$. I think gamers still don't trust M$ yet. It's going to be a uphill battle for M$ this gen.

Yesterday they had the xbone beating the PS4 by a 1000.

vivid831485d ago

I don't think its a trust issue anymore I think has to do with no 1 year headstart but I could be wrong

Shnazzyone1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

did you notice wii U is still leading globally by totals? According to them Wii U has 25 million while ps4 has 21 million. When did that happen?!

majorkilljoy1486d ago

i don't trust vg charts lets wait for the npd numbers for june.

DLConspiracy1485d ago

Agreed. Still 70% increase isn't a bad sign even for VGchartz

leemo191486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Can't wait for NPD to show the actual numbers, so Vgchartz can continue their incorrect numbers streak.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1486d ago

And the mods continually ignore our request to have them removed from this site

leemo191486d ago

Yep, whats the point of down voting a site on here if the mods continue to ignore the votes.

Drekken1485d ago

Go to vgchartz home page and scroll down. They have N4G links. You usually don't kick someone out of your bed that is making you happy(rich).