ShopTo List The Full Set Of Amiibos For Preorder at £12.85 Each

Pixel Gate writes:

''Retailer ShopTo have already started to list Nintendo’s Amiibos for the price of £12.85 each.

ShopTo added both Kirby and Donky Kong during late hours of Monday (24/06/2014), with both characters being put under ShopTo’s price promise. Both characters are classed UK PAL versions.''

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BattleN1249d ago

Not over $20 I'm surprised!

barb_wire1249d ago

That's equivalent to $21.85 at the current exchange rates.

So, $20 US price?

GamerEuphoria1249d ago

Should be noted the UK often overpays for stuff from Nintendo so you might see them for cheaper in the US

randomass1711249d ago

If you count how they lower prices in the US, that's closer to $15. They said they were going to price them closer to the Disney Infinity and Skylanders figures as well.

barb_wire1249d ago

I dunno man, I shop quite a bit at Sam's club and they have those Skylanders figures as low as $5 and the Disney Infinity for around $7-8, depends on the store though.. can't see Nintendo allowing that though.

randomass1711249d ago

Are those figures used? It's also possible that they are downsizing for the next installment for both series. New figures are generally $13-$20 depending on the figure, especially for Skylanders. The first line of Amiibos will probably go down in price if a second line is ever made.

Spooney3231249d ago

$20 Eeee gads. Time to get a 2nd job. :P

iamnsuperman1249d ago

Little bit pricey but then again I was expecting it to be a lot more

TGR1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )


Kevlar0091249d ago

A little pricey, but they are high quality, a well known brand, and will work with multiple games and even into next-gen.

-Foxtrot1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

£12.85 each

The quality of the toys look pretty bad like something you'd get out of those £1 machines


Seems like you paying extra for the packaging to be honest

Wouldn't pay for that Skylanders crap or Disney Infinity so certainly not this.


randomass1711249d ago

I own a few of the Disney Infinity figures and those are finely molded. Of the pictures and video I've seen of Amiibo, those figures have more finesse in their molding and packaging. You also have to consider that there is technology in them that increases the price to manufacture. They're not so bad, but I agree that they are pricey.

Concertoine1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Also worth considering that these will work with multiple games. None of us have seen these things hands-on so we shouldnt judge the quality of the paint, but the ones at e3 look pretty good in the display cases. Foxtrot i think you're being a little overly cynical to presume that they plan to rip people off and that anyone who buys one is a "sucker".

Edit: although im actually not sure if Skylanders or Disney Infinity work across multiple games, too.

randomass1711249d ago

I certainly don't feel ripped off. The figures are not only forward compatible with newer games, they are cross-platform compatible. In fact, when you get the figures for Infinity, they give you a card that gives you the characters for the PC and iPad versions, which are free. The figures are expensive but they are made to encourage multiplayer in as many versions of the game as possible. I have the PS3 version and can take my Mr. Incredible with me to my friend's place and play together with him on his Wii U.

GamerEuphoria1249d ago

I wouldn't say they are the same as the £1 machine. They seem pretty well detailed for the size/price

-Foxtrot1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

In my defence I did say "like something you'd get..."

Anyway it's just a big money scheme like what EA and Activison are doing.

They'll sell as many of these as they can to the giant suckers out there then they'll bring out "2nd Generation Ammibo Toys" with different poses and variations and sell them, making the old ones useless.

A vicious circle which will go round and round.

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