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Angelina Jolie Could Voice Maleficent In Kingdom Hearts 3

Disney’s Maleficent has been praised by both fans and critics and the box office numbers don’t lie either. Maleficent has reached the $500 million mark as of June 22nd and it has fans wanting more of Angelina Jolie. The movie is gaining a lot of hype from fans all over the world and fans are wondering if Angelina Jolie’s version of Maleficent will appear in Kingdom Hearts 3. When a fan asked the creative director of Kingdom Hearts 3 if Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent would appear on the game, he simply responded by saying “I’m not saying anything but you’re in for a surprise” which greatly hints that Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent could appear on the game. (Kingdom Hearts 3, Next-Gen, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Abash  +   473d ago
I don't know about this really, Maleficent's VA and classic design added to the game's "Disney magic" feel. I'd only be completely ok with this if Maleficent somehow acquired new powers that made her younger and that's why she changed her appearance
crxss  +   473d ago
i'll take Angelina Jolie in anything. if she is in it though it'd have to make sense in the story. younger maleficent?
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Magicite  +   473d ago
By the time this game comes out, I might voice it myself as well.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   473d ago
I don't know how to feelabout this, but awesome comes to mind.
randomass171  +   473d ago
Strange choice, especially since classic Maleficent has appeared a number of times in the series already.
Eonjay  +   473d ago
Kingdom Hearts 3 is already at legendary status. Its one of those few games that is an auto purchase for millions. Angelina or no Angelina lol
kalebninja  +   473d ago
no, it needs to have the original va's, that's one of the things that made it special
MegaRay  +   473d ago
Maybe classic malefiecent will open a path to another dimension and take the "other" malefiecent.
I dont think they'll replace the classic one tho
BlackWolf  +   473d ago
.... How about no?
Mugen90  +   473d ago
She had a good voice for the character so I'll say YES!
Ken85  +   473d ago
Well didn't Malefecent kinda die towards the end of KH2? I think that a reboot with her character could be put in somehow. A new Maleficent world based on the movie would be amazing….The movie is really good.
Deadpool616  +   473d ago
That's not likely to happen. The budget for the game will skyrocket just to pay Angelina Jolie to voice the character. She doesn't sell herself on the budget.
Master-Chief  +   473d ago
She'll probably try to adopt Sora.
DiscoKid  +   473d ago
What for? Why cause inconsistencies with the voices just to have Jolie in the cast?
tontontam0  +   473d ago
Evil maleficent = princess who's heart is consumed by the heartless.

A story where sora could save maleficent from the heartless would be good.
Nate-Dog  +   473d ago
Not really sure how I feel about this. It wouldn't be anything terrible anyway I suppose so hey, what happens happens.
SugarSoSweet  +   471d ago
Don't be silly.....Just because she did the movie (which has a huge budget compared to KH3 the game) doesn't mean she'll do the game. Did Johnny Depp voice Jack Sparrow in KH2 NOPE!
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Therocket  +   466d ago
but she's a good actor I would hope she makes it as a voice actor

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