Angelina Jolie Could Voice Maleficent In Kingdom Hearts 3

Disney’s Maleficent has been praised by both fans and critics and the box office numbers don’t lie either. Maleficent has reached the $500 million mark as of June 22nd and it has fans wanting more of Angelina Jolie. The movie is gaining a lot of hype from fans all over the world and fans are wondering if Angelina Jolie’s version of Maleficent will appear in Kingdom Hearts 3. When a fan asked the creative director of Kingdom Hearts 3 if Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent would appear on the game, he simply responded by saying “I’m not saying anything but you’re in for a surprise” which greatly hints that Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent could appear on the game.

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Abash1633d ago

I don't know about this really, Maleficent's VA and classic design added to the game's "Disney magic" feel. I'd only be completely ok with this if Maleficent somehow acquired new powers that made her younger and that's why she changed her appearance

crxss1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

i'll take Angelina Jolie in anything. if she is in it though it'd have to make sense in the story. younger maleficent?

Magicite1633d ago

By the time this game comes out, I might voice it myself as well.

XiSasukeUchiha1633d ago

I don't know how to feelabout this, but awesome comes to mind.

randomass1711633d ago

Strange choice, especially since classic Maleficent has appeared a number of times in the series already.

Eonjay1633d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 is already at legendary status. Its one of those few games that is an auto purchase for millions. Angelina or no Angelina lol

Kalebninja1633d ago

no, it needs to have the original va's, that's one of the things that made it special

MegaRay1633d ago

Maybe classic malefiecent will open a path to another dimension and take the "other" malefiecent.
I dont think they'll replace the classic one tho

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The story is too old to be commented.