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Wow, 2014 Sucks: Rayman Legends is the Best We've Seen?

Not that there’s anything wrong with Rayman Legends. But considering the big titles that have already come down the pike, it’s a disappointing year. (PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Rayman Legends, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

TripC50  +   437d ago
It's only June
Metallox  +   437d ago
80+ scores are excellent. This guy just want a lot of masterpieces, and with today's demands by critics, they're pretty hard to get.
yess  +   436d ago

But another "problem " is gaming isn't going to change much in the future other than on the graphics side and even there the changes are small and slow on all platforms, so what is many times a masterpiece is then made in to "boring" or "looks bad".

A shooter is going to stay as a shooter, RPG's the same or MMO, they ain't going to change much gameplay wise but can still be masterpieces.

A monster who had 2 arms in the first game is going to have 4 arms in the next game, but the monster is going to look better in the second.

Gamers should really apreciate games a little bit more and stop hyping them self every time they see the first trailer, and the same goes for game journalist.
Christopher  +   437d ago
You know, I'm a freaking jaded gamer, but even I don't buy this whole "2014 sucks" crap. Suddenly, if you're not popping out 95+ AAA games, it sucks? I didn't care too much for Watch_Dogs, but even I enjoyed it and don't think it sucks. I've enjoyed Child of Light and Second Son.

I've enjoyed just as many games this year as I did last year in the same period.
m0lt0n  +   437d ago
I know this is just an "opinion" piece, but the opinion expressed here is complete garbage. There have been quite a few (with a TON more coming) good games this year. I'm still trying to figure out how i'm going to pay for them all later this year.

Don't approve this POS article please.
admiralvic  +   437d ago
1) Wow, VGRHQ went from making silly articles about how great critics are to extremely inflammatory articles based off review scores quickly. @_@;;
2) I don't see the point in bringing up TLOU and TR being 2013 titles, since Rayman Legends is also a 2013 title.
3) I like that we're now at a point where expecting high review scores means "9+" and things can be considered disappointing if they hit the 8 range. At this point people really should just drop the score system and say "good, bad or average" or something that takes all emphasis off the score.
4) GOTY awards are not based off any real metric. It isn't like the highest scoring game is automatically GOTY and a game doesn't even need to be in the 9+ range to be a candidate. A lot of times people give GOTY to the game they think was best, which usually falls in line with scores (both because it makes sites look bad if the award goes to a title they didn't review as fondly as others and these games are typically good. This is classic correlation does not imply causation.) and something like Mario Kart 8 could win on the simple basis of how fun it is.
5) What is so bad about Rayman Legends anyway? It looks awesome, plays extremely well, has endless replay value via online challenges, offers varied gameplay and only scored 4, let that sink in.... F O U R points lower than TLOU on Metacritic, with GTA only beating it by 6. You act like the fact that a game that is simply fun being the best title thus far and foreseeable future is an insult to the gaming world and part of the reason why people don't trust critics in the first place.
R00bot  +   436d ago
Mario Kart 8 doe.
Geobros  +   436d ago
He does not know that Rayman Legends came out 2013?
Skate-AK  +   436d ago
He means for current gen. PS4 and Xbone. Not last gen.
Geobros  +   436d ago
Its exactly the same game which released on Wii U too. Ok then, for me GOTY for 2014 is Golden Sun which released this year for Wii U Virtual Console, is that logical?
lilbroRx  +   436d ago
The current gen version came out in 2013 on the Wii U. It was originally suppose to be the only version and it stilled heralded as the best.
Ol_G  +   436d ago
Wii U IS current gen wether you like it or not
Skate-AK  +   436d ago
Hey man, I am not saying I agree with it. Was just clarifying what he meant. Golden Sun is a great game though. The first game I played on GBA.
fenome  +   436d ago
He say's that the Tombraider and TLoU remasters don't count because they were originally released in 2013, but then goes on to talk about Rayman Legends, a game that also originally released in 2013.
markyboy2181  +   436d ago
eeeer lets wait n see .......... destiny dragon age assasins cred fifa 15 aliens shadow of morder lords of fallen might av summit 2 say bout thaT
LightDiego  +   436d ago
You should play Dark Souls 2, Mario Kart 8, Second Son, Child of Light, Bravely Default, Tropical Freeze.
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danowat  +   436d ago
There has been a lack of AAA titles, SO FAR, big game season is still a few months off yet.

Child of light was great, but very short, Wolfenstien was probably the best big title, Watch_Dogs was "OK"
whybag  +   436d ago
Rayman Legends has a 90, 91, and 92 Metacritic across the top three platforms. Dark Souls II has a 90, 91, and...92...across three...wait a second...

If you're only going to use one metric to cast aspersion across an entire half-year, at least appear to have done a bit of research.
Zichu  +   436d ago
I think this year so far has been pretty decent. I have enjoying playing my X1 so far and I am pretty sure a lot of other people have to, as well as their PS4's.

I bought Titanfall, Thief, Tomb Raider, Rayman Legends and Watch Dogs.

I would like to get Murdered Soul Suspect, Metal Gear Solid V: GZ, PvZ:GW, and Wolfenstein.

Don't forget some of the indie or arcade titles like Trials Fusion, Child of Light, Outlast, and the upcoming Valiant Hearts.

This guy is mentioning some of the really heavy hitters later this year, but he has forgotten some other great looking games like Evolve, Alien: Isolation, Shadow of Mordor, Sunset Overdrive, The Evil Within, The Crew, DriveClub, etc.
mogwaii  +   436d ago
Both second son and watch dogs and thief were derivative, bordering on mediocre, i will actually pick up rayman as it looks great but there are a few good games coming like dragon age, far cry 4 but its next year when i think we will truly see real next gen.
LazyGoron  +   436d ago
Yes Rayman Legends in one of the best platformers I've ever played. One of the best games to play on the Wii U

You can tell it was designed as an exclusive.
WeAreLegion  +   436d ago
For the author, maybe. I enjoyed inFamous: Second Son much more than Rayman Legends.
King_of_Nothing  +   436d ago
I agree with the sentiments in the article. The newest generation of consoles is just getting underway, and yes it is only June, but that doesnt change the fact theres not much compelling me to turn on my xb1 or ps4 at this point. The games that have been released in 2014 up to this point have been mediocre at best.
Inception  +   436d ago
So far half of 2014 looks good for me. I don't care what the average metacritic said, so i had tons of fun with Symphonia Chronicles, Bravely Default, Deception 4, DS 2, FF X/X-2 HD, Toukiden, Dangan Ronpa, Zelda: A link between world, Drakengard 3, and some indies.

Can't wait for Alien Isolation, Evil Within, Akiba's Trip, Senran Kagura Versus, Freedom Wars, Persona Q, Tales of Xillia 2 & Hearts R, and more ^^
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RexDD  +   436d ago
Beat me too it, This. Games don't have be 10/10 to be great.
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Mikito11  +   436d ago
Rayman legends was 2013... This dude needs to play dk tropical freeze, child of light and mario kart 8.. All 2014
eworthington0  +   436d ago
What?? No.
Sadist3  +   436d ago
Nothing really came out so far. Infamous wasn't that good at all, watch dogs is kinda ok, I don't even play it. Wolfenstein is hot, but that's because nothing else is out. And there's really nothing else to look forward to. A ton of first person shooters are coming out, and that's getting old. Destiny, call of duty, battlefield hard line, planet side 2...enough with the first person shooters. All the good games like Witcher, Batman, Dying light, bloodbourne, mortal Kombat and rainbow six all come out next year. The only thing good we're getting in 2014 is far cry and dragon age.

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