Should You Be Angry About Watch_Dogs?

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AllAboutGaming1483d ago

I wouldn't be thrilled if I bought Watch_Dogs day 1. It is an important lesson that sometimes it is better to rent before buying.

christrules00411483d ago

Well on PC I can't really rent. =P

randomass1711483d ago

PC is also graphically the best version. With mods you can make that version look as it did at E3. Everyone else got something that looks subpar in comparison.

AllAboutGaming1483d ago

That is true. There is no legal way to rent on PC :)

Play2Win1482d ago


I have it for PC and PS4. It's a shame on PC. It stutters all the time and feels really laggy.
Screw the mods or ultra-setting if the game runs like crap. I'm trying to complete it on PS4 now. I will buy my new games mostly for PS4 in the future because I dont want to wait weeks for updated and drivers while the console players already completeted it and move to the next game. Only good PC ports will be bought now. Im sick of buying a game and waiting 2 month till it's playable.

mithril1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

I've rented. I do not trust Ubisoft since Assassin's creed 1. New Ubisoft IP usually lack of content and redundant gameplay. But usually improves with subsequent release.

ThatEnglishDude1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

It's all well and good having the ability to mod it and make it look better than the infamous E3 demonstration video - but if the game itself is a chore to play and just not worth your time, it's a moot point.

Even if the games visuals hadn't have been downgraded, it would have still been a lackluster game. People are focusing too much on the visuals. We should be more upset at just how bland and unexciting the actual game is.

ramiuk11482d ago

why? i enjoyed it and didnt have one glitch or bug that i noticed on ps4.
i got it on day1

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DaleCooper1483d ago

There was plenty of footage and screenshots that showed the what the game really looked like as the release date neared. So I wasn't surprised by what it looked like when it did come out. Of course if I did only see that 2012 demo, then I would have been majorly disappointed. But who goes by one video from 2 years ago when they buy a game?

I bought the game day one, played the heck out of it for a month, then I beat it and traded it in for 42.50 at Gamestop. Not a bad game for $17.50! I did truly enjoy Watch Dogs though. Can't wait for the sequel.

Dudebro901482d ago

No way you got 42.50 at Gamestop. Bull.

ThatEnglishDude1482d ago

They have a deal going on right now. Check their website. Trade in Watch_Dogs before the 26th of this month and you get a guaranteed $40 in store credit. He probably got a bit more for being a PowerUp member.

DaleCooper1481d ago

Yeah, what ThatEnglishDude said. They guarantee at least 40 dollars for Watch Dogs until the 26th with a promo they're running. Of course, most games probably don't get this promo so I may not be able to do it again with future games!

sungin1482d ago

Ubisoft Kings of Consolization

Meltic1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

This game i was so hyper about. Was so chocked about the story. They did actually delayed the game and it was in development for 5-7 years and the story was only 8-10 hours?. Lazy ass developers. Look the witcher 3. over 100 hours of gameplay PURE. If im going to be honest i Think Jonathan morin though of cancel Watch dogs. But ofc he is a gold digger pure.

domford19811482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Only thing I'm angry about is the Social Lubricant trophy on PS4.......😵😵

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