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Submitted by awkwardhamster 593d ago | interview

Forza Motorsport 5 Gameplay Interview E3 2014

Turn 10 Studios Dan Greenawalt previews what's new for Forza Motorsport 5 in this exclusive gameplay interview from E3 2014. (Dan Greenawalt, Forza Motorsport 5, Turn 10 Studios, Xbox One)

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Axios2  +   594d ago
Love the Nurburgring(Nordschleief)

Forza 5 looks great in all it's 1080p 60fps glory
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user1439414   593d ago | Trolling | show
jagiii  +   594d ago
This game looks lifelike.
Magnagamer222  +   593d ago
Drooling, a very big fan of Forza Motorsports. Looking forward to this game.
patrik23  +   593d ago
Forza 5 On Xbox One Graphics Downgraded From E3 Build

Flat textures, pre-baked shadows and low-poly environmental geometry galore.
AviaFlyer   593d ago | Spam
Dothraki  +   593d ago
Love how the Trolls keep bringing up groundhog day. So off topic guys.
Mattz  +   593d ago
Its a quality, quality game.. only issue i had was with the amount of tracks but the ones in there/added are amazing!

That being said, still going strong with this game after 7 months

Forzavista is a sight to behold.. great idea if you love cars man :)
Elit3Nick  +   593d ago
Just wish you can change the locales for forzavista, rather than the same scenic garage. Although a great feature they can add in Forza 6/Horizon 2 is a property where you can have multiple cars of your choosing and walk around and admire your collection, the inspiration for this is Project Gotham Racing, and since they have ex PGR devs in Turn 10/Playground Games, this could possibly be an included feature.
AussieBadger  +   593d ago
Good to see the only people who have not played this game have something bad to say about it. I think this game plays and LOOKS awesome.

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