Forza Motorsport 5 Gameplay Interview E3 2014

Turn 10 Studios Dan Greenawalt previews what's new for Forza Motorsport 5 in this exclusive gameplay interview from E3 2014.

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Axios2946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

Love the Nurburgring(Nordschleief)

Forza 5 looks great in all it's 1080p 60fps glory

jagiii946d ago

This game looks lifelike.

Magnagamer222945d ago

Drooling, a very big fan of Forza Motorsports. Looking forward to this game.

patrik23945d ago

Forza 5 On Xbox One Graphics Downgraded From E3 Build

Flat textures, pre-baked shadows and low-poly environmental geometry galore.

AviaFlyer945d ago Show
SideNote945d ago

Love how the Trolls keep bringing up groundhog day. So off topic guys.

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