Halo Master Chief Collection And Nightfall Detailed

343 Industries Franchise Development Director Frank O'Connor discusses Halo The Master Chief Collection, Halo Nightfall and Halo 5 in this exclusive interview from E3 2014.

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Axios21637d ago

4 remastered games for $60, unbelievable value

christocolus1637d ago

Its all too good to be true,infact it still feels like a dream. Lol.

Meatyboy1637d ago Show
XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1637d ago

Meatyboy, that random name calling will get your banned

Eejanaika1637d ago

Yea that's definitely worth it

1637d ago
XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1637d ago

Well naomyi, it will probably fit because you probably have had other things in there too

jagiii1637d ago

The new Nightfall sounds very interesting.

OpieWinston1637d ago

The visuals are going to be better than Forward Unto Dawn? Damn...The Hunter and Covenant in it were amazing, especially for it being only $10 million.

More money and More time with Ridley has me pumped for an amazing series and help give us a lot of info on Agent Locke.

DarkBlood1637d ago

I sure hope microsoft releases a new color now that sony got thier white one coming out hoping that encourages them to do the same but anywho this will be my first xbox one game

Ihatetrolls761637d ago

Sad thing is if the xbox comes out with another color the sony trolls will be like look ms following sony again knowing that ms had already made a white xbox one for there employees

tgunzz1637d ago

A white drive less xb1 was rumored months ago of releasing around this november...

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