Dance, Dance, Dance To The Radio: Celebrating Street Fighter Alpha 3's Surround Sound In Q-Sound

Sumthing writes:
Consider the emergence of Street Fighter Alpha 3 in the summer of 1998 as the end of your youth. While you might disagree, you should consider it anyway, because it marks the end of Street Fighter’s decade long movement from infancy to adulthood. For readers of a certain age, Street Fighter was close at hand for most of their awkward and sullen teen years. The transformation was side-by-side and blow-by-blow.
Certainly, Street Fighter Alpha 3 is far from the end of the series, but it does signal the beginning of a coming permanent change in play: Street Fighter would never control quite like this ever again. The turbo engines were used to fire up Street Fighter Alpha 3 and its aging counterparts began to give way: stalling, grinding to a halt, no matter how many gallons of lubricant were applied daily.

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