Crysis and Ryse developer denies reports of bankruptcy

A report surfaced earlier today courtesy German gaming magazine GameStar which stated that Crysis and Ryse: Son of Rome developer Crytek would be going bankrupt. This would apparently be due to the failure of Ryse: Son of Rome, poor sales of CryEngine and a lack of profitability from Warfare outside of Russia.

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F4sterTh4nFTL1637d ago

No wonder they are in trouble, they are in denial of their poor financial situation.

iamnsuperman1637d ago

I have to admit that made me chuckle.

It is nice to see them deny the rumour but you do have to wonder about Crytek. They have the Cryengine to help them but their games department is so hot (though they don't published said games so they may not incur much cost that way)

UltraNova1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

The amount of effort and money thrown into developing their engine plus the 800 staff they hired Vs Cry engine's very low adoption/subscriptions is what got them here.

Their engine just didn't take off they way they thought it would and its on its 3rd version now. Couple that with games that are beautiful yet under-performing both in reviews and sales and you get the full picture.

AllAboutGaming1637d ago

So funny. How can a joke comment get disagrees?

AllAboutGaming1637d ago

If they were in trouble would they broadcast it? If they are trying to turn a profit or look more attractive for a buyout they would never admit that they are in serious trouble.

That being said maybe they aren't in trouble :)

XiSasukeUchiha1637d ago

Broadcast today is bankruptcy with hints of denial!

corvusmd1637d ago

Good, I hope that they are right, it would be a shame to lose a dev like this. (They need to make a TRUE open world Crysis). However, if Crytek is teetering, they wouldn't come out and say it. On the flipside, companies like Gamingbolt and such should be careful when reporting things like this... because if Crytek is ok, but ALMOST in danger, this kind of story can send it over the edge when they could have rebounded.

Whitey2k1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Let them carry on being microsofts puppets let them suffer more they cant seem to make multiplats

1637d ago
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