Hands-Off Preview: The Division – The Next Generation of RPG | DualShockers

DualShockers' Tony Polanco writes:

"I’ll be frank with you guys: when I saw The Division trailer from last year’s E3 I wasn’t impressed with it in the least. Why would I have been? It was yet ANOTHER post apocalyptic third person shooter. Been there, done that. The fact that players could jump in and out of your game was also a big turn off to me as well since I don’t like the thought of people coming into my game and ruining things. Yeah, it LOOKED beautiful but besides that it didn’t seem like something that I should pay attention to."

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Evilsnuggle1639d ago

I can't wait for The Division . The more I read about the more excited I become . I love RPG I can't wait to hear more about The Division crafting system . I'm real hoping this game is released before the 4 quarter of 2015. The Wicher 3 and The Division are my top 2 games of 2015