Xbox Wire: Get Even Will Make You Question Reality

From the moment we first loaded up “Get Even,” we were blown away. Developer Farm 51 has promised next-gen graphics, and they’re certainly delivering an incredible, photorealistic game that blurs the line between CG rendering and live action. Not content to simply make a gorgeous game, Farm 51 is using its talent to develop this mysterious first-person shooter into something that is about so much more than... well, shooting (but it’s got a ton of that, too).

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Bigpappy1486d ago

very ambitious for an "[email protected]" indie game. I wonder if M$ is helping fund games it finds interesting.

Mikefizzled1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

[email protected] doesn't mean small just self published. If Microsoft wasn't publishing them all ready Ryse and Sunset Overdrive could have technically been self published through ID.

4Sh0w1485d ago

Sounds great, surprised I'm just hearing about it.

Mikefizzled1486d ago

Have we actually seen anything of this. I know there was a random CG trailer but this is sold as ultra pretty without proof. Rather confusing.

dcbronco1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

That's the case with many games. Weren't we told how amazing Uncharted 4 would look before we even saw a screenshot. Turned out all of the hype was true. Just like I'm about to assume you're a Sony fanboy since only Microsoft products are the only ones to get questioned. Even though I haven't seen your history. Bet I'm right.

True_Samurai1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Is this multiplatform or x1 exclusive

↓↓ oh I thought it was for ps4 also

Mrtemper1486d ago


Its confirmed for PC, Xbox1

Mrtemper1486d ago

Does Robert Bowling have something to do with this?

Skate-AK1485d ago

Don't think so. His game is Human Element.

mhunterjr1486d ago

Sounds like a very interesting title... I can't wait to here more.

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