Madden NFL 15 Box Art Emerges -- What Is Richard Sherman Doing?

Ahead of the game's release in August, retailers like Amazon and GameStop have posted the box art for Madden NFL 15. It shows controversial cover star Richard Sherman, a cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, striking a strange pose that we can't quite get our head around.

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xHeavYx1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

I love my Seahawks, but damn that's an ugly cover.
This fan made one is a lot better

Brim1639d ago

Agreed... plus i thought i read somewhere that he wanted the cover to feature the LOB ... guess not ..

badboyz091639d ago

Stop like a Crossing Guard. Telling us to stay away from Madden.

Brim1639d ago

im unsure to why i am getting disagrees for something i seen somewhere but ok ...

Kevin263851639d ago

He did, but that means EA would have to pay 3 additional cover athletes.

Brim1639d ago


Better that then this terrible cover ...

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Cherchez La Ghost1639d ago

I would have him jumping in the air for a pick. Or a one-handed catch would have been nice also.

InTheZoneAC1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

or the shot of him breaking up the endzone pass on a potential game winner in SB 49...

everything about the cover is ugly. His picture almost looks fake, the font looks dumb, the background is blurry, the stupid EA logo is right in your face...

wsoutlaw871639d ago

dude that was revis and they were up by 20

wsoutlaw871639d ago

jk, superbowl 49 is next year when the pats win. And sherman never broke up a potential game winner in the superbowl they were up by a ton. NFC championship game is what youre thinking of

famoussasjohn1639d ago

*Facepalm.* Of all the pictures, they go with this? Why did the NFL have to give EA an extension on their license?

Skate-AK1639d ago

I don't think they did. Pretty sure anyone could make a NFL game if they wanted.

famoussasjohn1639d ago

At some point, without making it known publicly, the NFL and Electronic Arts extended the license though it is not clear whether the exclusivity terms remain the same. On a quarterly investor call today COO Peter Moore responded to a question on the status of the license by saying there are “a couple years left” on the deals with the NFL and NFLPA and that they have a “number of games in development with the NFL”. That probably refers to the different versions of Madden on the various consoles and mobile.

LAWSON721639d ago

They should of made it like Madden 25s on PS4/XBO because this case is just ugly

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The story is too old to be commented.