Steam Summer Game Sales Worth Buying – 7 Days to Die

EB's Owen Hibbert writes, "So many crafting/survival horror/Zombie games are available right now, that it is becoming increasingly difficult to sift through the garbage and find the gems currently battling through Early Access development. As I am an avid player of games with responsibilities, my play time for games of this nature will never be too high. With that being said, I have sunk a lot of time into 7 Days to Die, and as such have really enjoyed my time despite a few bugs here and there."

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TenBensons1248d ago

Yeah this title is coming along nicely. I think The Dead Linger is also a game that people who like zombie survival should definitely check out.

spektical1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

anyone know of a good guide for this game.. i bought it.. dont know what to do

but banished.. oh man, so fun

Vengeance11381248d ago

omg I just bought this game an played for a bit and may I just say STAY AWAY, it is a complete and utter waste of time and money. It's just all kinds of awful, completely nothing to do at all. Just walking... and picking up useless objects. What a waste.

sorane1248d ago

So basically you walked around and picked stuff up then got destroyed as soon as night time came. I know this from experience :) Saying there's nothing to do is like saying there's nothing to do in Minecraft, Don't Starve, Project Zomboid, The Forest, Terraria, Starbound, etc etc etc. Game is great. One of the best Early Access games around.

Vengeance11381247d ago

The very first time I spawned, was in the desert with a few zombies around, no weapons at all on me, nothing telling me how to use weapons or equip them. Tried punching them, didn't work. I walk further then dogs attack me and kill me. I respawn, random radiation hits me, I die. Respawn again, walk further, eventually start taking damage for no reason, maybe due to hunger I can't be certain. Then when I do get loaded up with tons of weapons and food/water, there's not a zombie around for miles and nothing at all to do. I can't possibly put the effort into this game to start making houses either. Too many better things to play and spend time on.

sorane1247d ago

Could have saved yourself a lot of typing by just saying "you're right".

Saryk1247d ago

Bought it I like it. My son made a stick of TNT. Had it in his hand, mistakenly hit a zombie, BOOM. No more son or zombie, he was pissed. I laughed!

FrogSpork1247d ago

The important thing is, you both had fun.